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31 October 2008

Pirates and Mermaids Party

Claire's birthday is just a few days after Jared's.

Her mother, Nicole is a good baker and also a good party planner. I was waiting for Claire's birthday and eager to see Claire's birthday party.

We received this birthday party invitation card from Claire. The birthday party theme was to be "Pirates and Mermaids Party". This is a very interesting theme.

I made this scrapbook for Claire. Earlier, Nicole had given me a few of Claire's favourite photos. As usual, I went to my friendly Papier staff and came out with the above design.
The theme for this scrapbook is "Sweet Girl" as Claire looked so sweet in these photos. I used 5 different matching pattern papers, rhino die cut, 3 buttons, flower stickers, alphabet die cuts, etc for this "sweet" piecework.
I like the results very much.

As Jared had his school concert in the morning, we went to Claire's party a little late.

The party was held at a park outside their house. The park was decorated with the theme.

Nicole prepared this Pirate hat for the guests.

And these Pirates selvet.

The chief Pirate ie Claire's dad.

Our birthday girl in her mermaid costume. This costume and some of the party flavours were bought from Australia.

This game was to scoop ball with a spoon from a pail and carried to a pail at the other end of the field.

Kids queuing up for the Limbo Rock competition.

Nicole prepared 3 big bags of water balls. Kids throwing the water balls towards the field.

Treasure hunt! Clues were hide around the park and these kids were looking for clues to find the treasure.

The treasure was found. Inside the treasure box were lots of party packs for the boys and girls.

Nicole baked this lovely "Mermaid" cake. She is really good with designing and baking cakes.

All these water tank, pails, rubbish box, etc were labelled.

Albeit the hot weather (the party was held at a park between 11am to 1pm), the party was very well planned and organised with good venue decoration, party flavours, yummy food, games for the kids, good crowd, etc.

The group photos.

Happy Birthday, Princess Claire!

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