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21 October 2008

Mini Zoo Taman Teruntum, Kuantan

This mini zoo is just 5 mins drive from Hyatt Regency resort. We've been to this mini zoo during our 2nd trip to Kuantan and this time round, we went there again with Christina's family.

There's no entrance fee to enter the zoo, ample and free parking right in front of the zoo.

The two 5 years old boys. Xin Li carried Jared so as he was able to see the Sun Bear.

The Sun Bear was resting.

This photo was taken during our 1st visit to this mini zoo, when the Sun Bear was awake and active.

This large dome-shaped aviary houses a variety of birds and peacocks.

Seal, soaking in the water during a hot day.

It was a hot day and luckily the kids had caps and water with them.

There's horse riding available at a fee.

This photo was taken during our 1st trip to mini zoo. Jared had a ride of the horse and the horse stopped to do his business ie wee wee and poo poo. How rude! Jared got stunned and just watched and waited for the horse to complete its business.
This time round, he just refused to ride the horse again.

There's also a mini traffic learning pathway with battery powered vehicles for kids to ride on, at a fee too. However, the pathway and the vehicles were not well maintained.

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