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11 October 2008

Challenges of studying ACCA while working part time

When I signed up for 5 subjects of Level 1 ACCA, I had to attend 3 days of classes per week from 6pm to 9pm.

Official working hours at C&L was till 5.30pm. It's always a marathon for me as I had to wait for the lift, walk out from IGB building to Jalan Ipoh bus station, catch a bus and then walked to Systematic Business Training Centre in Jalan Sultan, waited for the centre's lift or walked up the stair case. It took 30 minutes in order for me to be on time in the classroom by 6pm and not to sit at the last row of the class. Often I would sit on the very first row of the class cause nobody liked to sit so front.

Chris was a very supportive boss. He asked me to leave work half an hour earlier (5pm) so that I did not have to rush and could catch a small bite before class started. I would replace the half hour by cutting down on my lunch break. After classes, I had to catch another bus, which was very infrequent after 9pm and I usually reached home at 10pm. Dinner was normally after 10pm.

During the other 2 weekdays where I did not have to attend evening classes, I worked extra hours to catch up on my work and learned as much as I could. On those days where I had deadlines to meet, I would miss my evening classes. I did not want to disappoint Chris who entrusted me with audit work.

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Ohaiogozaimasu said...

That wasn't like that for me. My suppy only allows to leave at 5.15. Not so supportive, I guess. No wonder the listed company she was working in (as finance director) for past umpteen years had recently gone kaput.