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15 March 2011

Is it a broom? Is it a stick? It's Electrolux Ergorapido

3 Mar 2011

In Mar last year, when my friends and I were having holiday in Kuantan, I told them the beauty of Electrolux Ergorapido and how it will replace our brooms at home. My friends made joke out of how many brooms they could buy with the price of Ergorapido. I wish our product manager was with me then.

During last year CNY, I had the same group of friends at home for dinner and there were mess from children surrounding the children table. My friends were thinking I'm going to take out a broom and dust pan, or bend down to wipe and clean up the mess.

I stylishly use Ergorapido to suck away the mess, without any sweat. All of my friends stopped their eating and chatting, totally impressed and asked me what it was. I told them that's the new era broom replacement. My friends love it very much.

Yesterday, my best friend Michelle called me at work and told me that she has bought Electrolux's latest Ergorapido Plus and love the product. It is very convenient for her to vacuum her house especially the staircase. She doesn't need to drag heavy vacuum and no electricity plug and wire required.

She has another 2 vacuums at home but she just love to use the Ergorapido and the Electrolux vacuum that I bought for her as house warming gift. Her husband saw how much she loves the Ergorapido and decided to buy another Ergorapido for her so that she can keep one upstairs and another one at downstairs.

Michelle called to thank me for introducing Ergorapido to her.

I decided to share the good news with our Marketing and Product Managers. And ... they were happy to hear that and thank me for sharing the innovative product with friends. The email was copied to the regional boss and with pleasant surprise I received this short, sweet note from him:

"Lovely story ... and even sweeter when it comes from controller".

This made my day especially when I least expect it.

Personally, I have 2 Ergorapido at home. This red Ergorapido is the very first Ergorapido that Electrolux produced and I use it in our room.

Jaden helping us to vacuum the floor ... underneath the TV cabinet.

Vacuum his closet.

I like this picture very much. Jaden is so focus in vacuuming our room.

And he rocks with the Ergorapido too.

His new toy ... using some imagination, he pretends this Ergorapido stick is an electric guitar.

The 2nd edition of Ergorapido with better suction power and battery life, which we use it downstairs.

When I saw Jaden using Ergorapido as his toy to vacuum, I have a wild idea of TV commercial of how a 4 years old boy can help out in house chore.

And who said Accountant is square?

07 March 2011

Jaden's birthday wishes came true ... Chocolate Cake in Layers

7 Mar 2011
Jaden requested for chocolate cake for his birthday, nothing but chocolate cake. He also told us that he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends from his kindergarten.
Last week, I shopped for his party pack. I don't encourage kids to eat junk food and I would not buy those jelly, sweets, etc for his party pack.
I bought the above stationery for his classmates and teachers.
I found this lovely piglet gift bag from Daisho. This gift bag is very appropriate for Jaden as he was born in the year of pig.
Party pack done!
After trying Victoria Sponge Cake for Auntie YC's birthday last week, I wanted to try a smaller version and more layers cake. As Jared's school exam is still on going, I can only make a simple cake. I've tried Amy Beh's chocolate cake, it's simple to bake and taste delicious too. I baked this cake for Jaden's birthday.

To make layers cake, I need to slice the cake into 3 thin layers. My sister has bought this cake slicer and I borrowed it from her. I am so happy to have this tool. I can slice my cake evenly, no more wavy layers of cake. She bought it from Wilton and I will go and get myself one soon.

I put butter cream and strawberry in between the layers of cake. Strawberry goes very well with chocolate cake and so are the colours.

This is the result of the cake. I am quite happy with the results considering that I did not have much time to prepare for Jared's school exam and also Jaden's birthday.
Jaden and his classmates. 4 of the classmates were absent from school today.

Teacher Adelia and the children.
When I picked up Jaden from his kinder today, he was quiet and I asked him why. He was upset and asked me "Why you gave the party pack to all my friends but you didn't give me?". Oops, I thought we have given him the Lego Duplo set. I have forgotten that all kids must receive the same gifts, they do not like to feel left out.

06 March 2011

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

6 Mar 2011

There was once when I was buying my chicken from TTDI market, there was a lady who ordered more than a dozen of deboned chicken legs. I was curious about what and how she was going to cook which so many deboned chicken legs and decided to ask her.

She told me that she makes chicken chop, the Western and Malay style and shared with me how she did it. I like the idea, something new variation for us to cook chicken.

Since it is Jaden's birthday today, I decided to cook something different for dinner tonight. I goggled the recipe and information on chicken chop from my favourite site ... Kuali from The Star online.

I found this Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce recipe and this recipe is the most viewed for chicken chop in Kuali. My maid reminded me that we did not have Worcestershire sauce. I did not know what sauce is this, how it looks like, what's the taste of the sauce and I had been looking for it for a while. This morning, I went to Tesco and found this bottle of Lea & Perkins Worcestershire sauce for RM6.39.

I also made whipped potato and salad to go with the chicken soup. Hubby, Jared and Auntie YC like the chicken chop.

The next time, I will try other variation of chicken chop and roast it in the oven rather than pan fried.

05 March 2011

Our little pig is 4!

6 Mar 2011
Over the last few weeks, I have been consciously hugging, kissing and carrying Jaden. He would turn 4 soon and no longer a baby. Sometimes, we wish to stop the time so that Jaden will always be our baby.
Jaden has been looking forward to his birthday. He told us he wanted to celebrate his birthday in his kindergarten with all his classmates. He told me that he wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday. Everyday, he would ask me "What's the date today, Mommy?" "How many more days to my birthday?", etc.
Hubby and I told him that once he turns 4, he can not drink his milk from bottle and must drink from a mug. He also must eat by himself. With the maid around, the maid tends to help him and feed him with his food.
This morning on his birthday, once Jaden woke up, he said "Kakak, can you make me milk in the mug?". Hubby and I were pleasantly surprise that he remembered that.
We were prepared to face the challenges of convincing Jaden to drink his milk from mug. Surprisingly, he is so mature, understand the need to change and so receptive about it. Phew ... check, one mission completed!
To reward him, we gave him his birthday present. Hubby bought this Lego set for Jaden from Jaya Jusco.
Come lunch time, we also reminded Jaden that he needs to eat by himself. No more feeding from Kakak. Again, he did it willingly and in fact, he was having fun eating his lunch. Phew ... check, another mission completed!

In the late afternoon, Aunty YC came and bought another Lego set for Jaden. Jaden likes Lego set and with the number of Lego sets that we have at home, very soon our house will become a mini Lego land.

Aunty YC bought Jaden's favourite chocolate cake from Just Heavenly.

We did not have a big do for Jaden's birthday as Jared is still having his school exam. We invited Saw Cheng and kids to join us in singing Birthday song. Saw Cheng's kids are having school exam too. The kids had just finished the exam revision for the day and they were so delighted to have a break and share the lovely chocolate cake with us.

It is a very rich chocolate cake with banana layers.
The 4 years old Jaden and his favourite chocolate cake. Happy Birthday to you Jaden!