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20 October 2008

Holiday in Kuantan - Day 2

Sat, 11 Oct 08

This photo was taken at 8.23am on our 2nd day in Kuantan.

As we were walking out of the hotel, we saw lots of monkeys crossing the street ...

... and on the trees, on the grass, etc.

There are warong "Tree Under" that sells good nasi lemak, roti canai, etc and also KFC and Mc Donald. Hyatt Kuantan is located at Telok Chempedak which is a famous beach for the public. As such, there are lots of eatery, souvenir shops, etc along the vicinity.

Why would there be a Nissan XTrail on top of a big rock?

Can you spot Jimmy, the photographer behind the palm tree?

And Jimmy and his creation in action. The Nissan XTrail is a toy car and the big rock is a stone near Hyatt Kuantan pool.

And then, we saw this group of people having their morning training. I really love the scene in this resort, very relaxing, refreshing and eye catching.

After breakfast, Xin Li and Jared played bubbles outside the coffee house, next to the pool.

And not forgetting their Kumon homework.

Xin Li concentrating on his English Kumon homework. Somehow, its so much more easier to get kids to do things when they have partner. Otherwise, its going to be so difficult to get Jared to do his homework while on holiday.

Thereafter, we went to mini zoo which was just 5 mins drive from the hotel.

Raymond packed back rojak and cendol drink for us. Both were so delicious.

The 3 youngest kids of the group enjoying their sand castle.

and so were these 2 senior ones, our newly wed couple.

Their creation.

We also flied kites there.

This life mermaid has attracted lots of photos.

This photo of the group in action was taken at 6.47pm.

After a day packed with activities, we had late seafood dinner at 8.30pm at Restoran Sri Mahkota Seafood.

Kai Ying was having sore throat and after dinner, Raymond suggested to drop by McDonald for ice-cream.

We played Charade games with the kids. As most of the kids are 5 years old, we let them guessed animal, cartoon show, kids song, etc. Raymond was our actor for the game. The prizes were Nike socks and tumblers, sponsored by Bettina.
Check out this website to know more about Charade game.

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Achilles said...

don't forget to watch the 'love story' on my blog (see link below) between your son and Uncle Raymond's daughter. 90MB so can't send over the net to you.
You can download from the link from photobucket.