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29 October 2008

Teddy Bear and Table Cards

Thurs, 16 Oct 08
My colleague from the Marketing Department, Wendy had a big launch event. She asked me to make table cards for the event. There were 6 teddy bears and 6 bowls of spices on 6 cocktail tables.

Based on the colour of the teddy bear and bowls, I made these 6 table cards.

This is the first card that I made. The card matches the colour of the spices.

So is this card. Wendy likes this card the most. She likes it being simple and elegant.

This card matches the colour of the bowl.

So is this card. It matches this pink bowl.

These 2 cards match the colour of the teddy bear's cardigan and I missed out the photos of the cards with the teddy bears.

I received compliments from my colleagues on the cards. I was glad that I could contribute in a small way to the Company big launch event.

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