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01 October 2008

Nina day off on Hari Raya

We let our maid, Nina a have a day off on Hari Raya. She spent the day with her sister and brother in-law.
Most of my friends were surprise that we let her have a day off. They were concerned about safety of the maid, the maid misbehaving outside, trust issues, etc.
We didn't give our first maid (Paria) a day off before. She didn't ask for it and it also never crossed my mind cause none of my family or friends' maids had days off.
Initially, I was hesitating about the day off. After discussing with hubby, we felt that maid, just like us, looked forward to festive celebration and would love to celebrate the day with family and friends.
It was a risk that we took 2 years ago, a calculated risk based on trust our maid. As there was trust from our side, Nina ensured that it was not misplaced.
She was happy when we picked her up from her sister's house at 10.30pm later in the day.
Of course, we are happy to have a happy helper at home, someone who we trust and can be trusted.

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