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22 October 2008

Holiday in Kuantan - Day 3

Sun 12 Oct 08
This is our last day in Kuantan.
Yuan Hui brought us to another famous place for curry noodle, Restoran Singrena.
After breakfast, they did their Kumon daily homework at the balcony of Christina's room. I was impressed with Xin Li and Jared, they were really good and focus in doing their homework.

After the Kumon homework, the kids and daddies had their last swim for the trip.

A very sentimental photo! I really like this photo. Yuan Hui has done a fabulous job in capturing this special moment.
Hubby was teaching Jared to breath under the water. Jared was scared of water, refused to breath under the water and Hubby managed to convince him to overcome his fear.

During our stay at Hyatt Regency resort, there were lots of riders outside the hotel. We understood from the hotel staff that the grand daughter of Sultan Pahang got married and lots of VIP guests stayed in the same hotel.

Who was the focus of this photo? The CEO of Direct Access, Nasir Razak was seen relaxing by the resort poolside.

We requested for late check out of 1pm from Hyatt resort, for the kids to have more swimming time, shower and packing.

Raymond invited us to his room for quick snack ie to help him to clear up the food they brought from home.

The group photos ... 7 ex-Cooperians, 6 spouses, 9 kids and 3 maids (not in photo).

The 9 kids.

We stopped by this shop for souvenir shopping. Christina and family did not join us as they need to rush back for Xin Li to attend his drama class in KL.

As we did not have proper lunch, we stopped by Karak for tea/early dinner. Check out my post on this famous durian tarts and durian bombs shop.

All in all we had a good, real fun trip, for us and the kids. Alex couple asked "When is the next trip? Please arrange next trip soon.
I am really glad that we had this trip.

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