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27 October 2008

Yik Kee Restaurant (TTDI) Sdn Bhd, Karak Pahang

On the way home from Kuantan, we got out at Karak exit and have tea break at Yik Kee restaurant which is famous for its durian tarts and durian bombs.

Yik Kee Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No. 29 Jalan Besar
28600 Karak, Pahang
Tel: +609-2311240

As we walked in the shop, we saw these durian tarts and durian bombs fresh from the oven, located in shop front.

Most of us prefer the durian bomb (on the right, at RM1.80 each) than the durian tarts (on the left, at RM1.50 each).

As we were hungry, we ordered quite a variety of food to eat and also to try out.
Glutinous Rice dumpling at RM8 each.

This is durian pancake with ice-cream.

Siew Bao at RM1.50 each.

"Sang Mee" noodle at RM16 per plate. As we were so hungry, we ordered 3 plates of this noodle.

"Chun Quen" Spring roll (RM25).

Nicely packed box of 3 durian tarts and 3 durian bomb at RM9.90. I bought a box home for Nicole. Surprisingly, the owner of Yik Kee is the best friend of Nicole's dad.

Yik Kee does have branches at Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Gontong Jaya.

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