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16 October 2008

Holiday in Kuantan - Day 1

Fri, 10 Oct 08
We left for Kuantan at 10.30am. We used the East Coast Expressway (ECE). The highway traffic was not as heavy and congested as North South Expressway and it was a comfortable and easy drive. We took ~ 3 hours to reach Kuantan.

Do check out this MTD Prime Sdn Bhd's website. You may obtain the exits for the highway and toll charges for each exits.

I was so glad that Jaden slept in the car and we kept Jared occupied with his PSP.
Christina, Kenneth, Raymond and us left home about the same time. As Christina family came from Klang, we waited for them at Temerloh R&R and fed Jaden with porridge for his lunch. We rested for half an hour before continue our journey and exit at Gambang exit and drove to Kuantan town for lunch. We all were so hungry as we had our lunch at ~ 2.30pm.

Jimmy was the first family to check in to the hotel and the last couple was the newly wed couple, Alex and Samantha.
I was so glad that we were able to get our favourite room in Hyatt Kuantan. During my second trip to Hyatt Kuantan, we stayed at ground floor of their refurbished block. Hyatt Kuantan is a very old hotel and they are under-going upgrading hotel work. We love staying in ground floor, especially in Block 1 as it has a small field in front of the room balcony, is very near to the pool and very convenient for us to move in and out of the room.

Hyatt Regency Kuantan has 2 swimming pools and a kid pool. The water of the pool was warm and the kids had fun swimming in the pool.

The 2 youngest kids played in the baby pool.

The Australia Navy was staying in the same hotel. Christina was so happy as she's well protected by these macho men.

After the swim, we adjourned to play at the beach, collect sea shells, build sand castle, etc (photo courtesy of Alex).

It was Jaden's first time to step into sand. The last time we were in Kuantan, Jaden wasn't walking yet and his leg didn't even want to touch the sand.

Unusual scene in the beach ... milk drinking, sleeping comfortably in a beautiful nanny's arms.

Parents were very busy taking photos and shooting cameras of the kids. Some of the photos posted in this Kuantan holiday posts were courtesy of them.

After the long drive to Kuantan, we planned not to drive out for dinner but arranged for buffet dinner in "Kampung" restaurant of the hotel.
It was a very relaxing night, no rush to drive out for dinner and we had good seats in the restaurant as Christina had made reservation for the dinner way before out trip to Kuantan.

With PSP, we were able to keep the kids together and parents could relax and catch up.

The beauties of the Group (photo courtesy of Yuan Hui).

We had knew this Coopers group of friends for 15 years. Over the years, the group has expanded with the additions of spouse and kids.

Toast to 15 years of friendship!

After the dinner, we played "London Bridge is Falling Down" with the kids right in front of the pool and restaurant.

And also the "Eagle after the chicks" game.


Achilles said...

'newly wed' LOL :)))))
time flew by..... Hangzhou last month was our anniversary.

good newsblogging.... reckon 'book-keeping' runs deep in the blood. :)

treasure memories said...


Any plan for junior Alex/Samantha?

Achilles said...

'treasure memories' will be blogged on this in due course when appropriately timed.