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30 April 2009

Income Tax e-filing

I am very proud of myself!

For a change, I didn’t submit my income tax return on the last day of deadline. This year, I filed my tax return online on 21 Apr 09. Hooray! This is my 2nd year using the online submission. It’s so convenient and easy to use.

I used to file my tax return online at the last minute and as the Inland Revenue Board’s (IRB) computer servers jam up, it was very frustrating. It is also unnecessary stress when we do things last minutes. I used to search for documents i.e. dividend warrants, insurance statements, donation receipts, mom’s medical bill, magazines/books receipts, etc.

Currently, I store all these documents required for tax submission in one folder. Once the tax return is completed, I filed the tax return and documents together in a booklet form. Now I have a booklet for each year of assessment. It’s nice to see everything is in place and easily accessible and found.

We need to make adjustment to our tax for income received in arrears. The tax difference is due to bonus income (for 2007) received in arrears (received in 2008), which was added in to YA 2007 chargeable income. I’ve confirmed with IRD officer that the tax deduction on the bonus in arrears is not to be included in the total amount of PCB deduction for the year 2008 and this will result in under-payment of tax. I intend to go to IRD office to settle my tax for the last few year of assessment.

Today, I read on The Star that “IRB servers overwhelmed”.

Due to last minute filing of tax returns and the computer servers jam up, IRB advised that the best time to access the e-Filing system is between 1am and 7am.
About 1.2 million people – almost half of the 2.5 million taxpayers in the country – used the e-Filing system last year, from 187,000 taxpayers when the system was first introduced in 2006 and the number grew by more than 350% in 2007, with 876,000 e-filers.

28 April 2009

ICCA, Wilton and Cupcakes

I love cupcakes. They are so lovely, sweet, cute and gorgeous! I can make delicious cupcake but I can't make beautiful cupcakes.

I always admire those nicely decorated cupcakes and dreaming of making them myself one day. I browsed through internet and found this ICCA website. They do have a branch near my office. Then, I read about their new HQ outlet which is the largest cake decorating and baking centre in Malaysia. I had to bribe hubby to drop by the outlet and promise to buy them afternoon tea at their Cupcake Corner.

Look at these lovely cupcakes on sale at their Cupcake Corner.

We had the afternoon tea set at RM25 with 2 mini cupcakes, 3 cupcakes, 2 biscuits and 2 coffee. The cupcakes are a bit dry as they keep the cupcakes in container and store in a fridge.

Mocha for the kids.

Cappuccino for hubby.

There's huge collection of cake accessories at its retail store. There is also state of the art training centre and baking classes, especially the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes.

The address of ICCA's head office at Sunway Damansara:

Wisma ICCA

1, Jalan PJU 5/15

Dataran Sunway

Kota Damansara

47810 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel : 03-6140 8835

Fax : 03-6142 1501

Operating Hours:

Mon to Saturday : 10am - 8pm

Sunday : 10am - 5pm

Public Holiday : Closed

27 April 2009

First to Bata, then to School

Yesterday, Jared complained that his shoes was tight. Then, Nina reminded me that Krista teacher recommended us to let Jared starting to wear school shoes to Krista.

Hubby suggested for me to get a pair of Bata shoes for Jared. He said "First to Bata, then to School.

We found a Bata shop in Mid Valley. I asked the sales assistant to let Jared try on a pair of school shoes. Size 10 fits him well now but didn't look like can last long for him. We decided to buy size 11 instead. The shoes only cost RM25.99. This is the cheapest shoes that I've bought for Jared and he was so, so happy!

Jared loves his new pair of Bata school shoes. He told me that Darren has exactly the same pattern of Bata shoes.

We also bought a pair of white socks at RM5.99 and these shoe whitener at RM6.99. We told Jared that he has to learn to wash and clean his own school shoes.

The total bill was RM38.97. That was so cheap for the whole set of school shoes!

In the evening when mom dropped by our house, Jared showed my mom his new pair of school shoes.

When I dropped him at Krista this morning, he was telling his kinder teacher about his new pair of school shoes too.

When I came back from work, he told me that all his Krista teachers said his shoes is very nice. The teachers were encouraging him to start wearing school shoes.

Jared said "I can run very fast with this shoes".

14 April 2009

KIPPAS (Kios Pembaharuan Pasport) and Passport Renewal

My passport was expiring in Jul 09 and I have to go to Singapore next week on official matter. Our passports need to be valid for at least 6 months from the embarkation date.

I was browsing through Internet to find out more about passport renewal ie documents to bring, process, duration of time (especially the waiting time), etc. The next morning, I left home early to go to Immigration Department to renew my passport. Traffic was moving slow as I turned into Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD). To avoid further delay, I decided to park at the PBD open space car park.

KIPPAS is a kiosk system which offers a service for passport renewal.

Things to bring to renew passport at KIPPAS kiosk are:
  1. Existing international passport (must be Chip-based)
  2. MyKad
  3. Photocopy of MyKad (front and back)
  4. 1 passport-size photograph
  5. RM300 (RM50 or RM100 notes) for 32 pages, 5 years validity
There’s photocopy of MyKad and express passport sized photograph service available next to the kiosk room.

KIPPAS Passport renewal procedures:
  1. Go to KIPPAS room located at Block I
  2. Collect an envelope at the counter. Write your name, IC number and contact number. No need to fill up any form.
  3. Insert 1 passport size photo and photocopy of MyKad inside the envelope. Do not seal the envelope.
  4. Measure your height as you are required to enter the height into the kiosk later
  5. Touch the screen of the kiosk and follow the instructions (not in sequential order, can’t remember).
  • Choose the language (English or Malay)
  • Slot in the existing passport
  • Slot in MyKad for verification
  • Place thumb print at scanner for authentication
  • Choose 32 pages (the only choice)
  • Pay RM300 for the renewal fee (only RM50 and RM100 notes accepted, insert notes one by one)
  • Confirm your height (the last height in their record will be displayed); you can only grow taller and not shorter.
  • Key in your contact number
  • Put in your 1 passport size photo, photocopy of MyKad and passport into the envelope.
  • Slot the envelope into the machine
  • A printout of receipt will be provided, indicating time the new passport is ready for collection (usually 2 hours thereafter).
Collection of renewed passport is after 2 hours at Counter 16, 2nd Floor, Block I. This kiosk passport renewal is only available for Malaysian citizen aged 18 years and above with readable MyKad and only renewal for 30 pages of passport will be allowed.
The whole process is less than 5 minutes. I was there longer as there was a couple who was amazed with the kiosk and asked me “No queuing required?” They asked me to show them how to process the passport renewal via the kiosk.
I reached the PBD open space car park at 8.33 am and exit the car park at 9.03 am. The car park cost me RM6 for 30 minutes car park. The RM6 is the car park charge for the first 3 hours. So, you may wish to wait there. There are lots of eateries (Secret Recipe, KFC, Starbucks, etc), Giant hypermarket, etc. Otherwise, park at Block I basement P4 or P5 where the visitors parking are located. The parking rate there may be cheaper.
I told hubby to find car park at the Immigration office was longer than to do the passport renewal process. Hubby offered to pick me up from the office and drop me at the Immigration office for the collection of passport. That was a BIG relief!
Passport Collection Process: Present the receipt at Counter 16. They will give a ticket number for collection of passport.
  1. Present your original Mykad for collection of passport.
  2. Check the passport to ensure all the personal particulars and details are in order.
  3. Thereafter, sign at the back of the passport.
Passport cover is sold at the collection counter at RM2.00.
I reached there at 11.46am. The number served was 8037 and mine is 8045. I thought it should be a quick one since there were only 8 people ahead of me. Then, they were calling numbers starting from 7xxx and the guy in-charge of dispensing the passport was walking in and out. I ran out of patience and approached him. By the time I collected my passport, it was 12.26 pm, exactly 40 minutes.
Previously, the express service was 3 days to renew passport. Thereafter, they improved it to 1 working day and now, only 2 hours. If you wish for your passport renewal to be done on the same day, reach the Immigration by lunch time. While waiting for 2 hours for collection of passport, you may have lunch at the vicinity or at Bangsar Shopping Complex.
The good news is the collection counter is also open during lunch time, one of the more efficient government office.
Block I, Pusat Bandar Damansara
Jalan Damansutra
50550 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 20955077
The Kiosk is only open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am till 3.45 pm.

10 April 2009

20th Years Anniversary

Today is Good Friday and is also my 20th year of working anniversary, not wedding anniversary lah!

My God! I’m old … simple maths revealed that. But, I’m entitled to some discount as I started work early, right after my STPM. What to do, I didn't get good exam results that could get me into University.

Looking back, 20 years is not a short time, how many 20 years of working experience can we have?

20 years ago, on 10 April 1989, I still remember very clearly that I took a bus to work. I reported to work at 22nd Floor, IGB Plaza, Jalan Ipoh, Off Jalan Pekeliling. It’s my first day of work at Coopers and Lybrand as Accounts Assistant with salary of RM350 per month.

10 April 1989 is also my first day of attending evening class for Professional Accounting course.

I became a qualified accountant at the age of 25, a Manager at the age of 26 and became a Controller at the age of 35. Not a big achievement to shout off but am quite, it is “quite”, not very satisfied with it. I used to aim to become an Accountant, then I aim to become a Finance Manager, then I aim higher to be a Financial Controller and now, I aim to be a Finance Director/CFO. It is not the title but the career progression, job scope and responsibilities and most importantly, the job satisfaction and achievement that matters the most.

I like the role that I play in my organization. We are no longer the bean counter but we have evolved into business partnering and advisor. I found myself sitting in most of the operations meetings and contribute in terms of potential impact, issues, controls, etc to the business.

I have no regret of becoming an accountant. In fact, I’m very glad that I am an accountant. Over the 20 years, I realised that Accountant is a very versatile career. There’s so much that you can learn, can do and can achieve. Sky is the limit! Look at those MNC CEOs, a number of them are from finance background!

Lastly, I wish to work for another 20 years ... only, that's the maximum, I hope. Is my dream to retire healthy and happy, enough funds in the bank account for my children education and yet can afford vacation now and then.

Happy 20th Years of Working Anniversary … to me!

05 April 2009

1st concert at Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Date: 4.30pm, Sunday 5 Apr 09

Orchestra: Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Concert: A Clown's Guide to the Orchestra

Clownductor: Melvyn Tix

Jared's Yamaha Music School teacher encourages us to take our children for concert. We should expose them to music and musical instruments and to teach children the value of live music as nothing like seeing a live musical show.

Hubby and I used to be subscribers to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP), situated at the heart of Petronas Twin Towers. We decided to take Jared to MPO's Family Fun Day concert, A Clown's Guide to the Orchestra. This light-hearted themed concert provides a better understanding, as well as an opportunity to interact with the music and musicians.

Jared and his very first live classical music concert.

Jared in DFP's box office.

Outside the concert hall, before the concert.

This concert was lead by clownductor, MELVIN Tix, whose real name is Petter Vabog. He was a professional Scandinavian horn player before becoming a “clownductor”. He started as a clown in 1981, with his first children’s concert in 1984.

He has performed this concert for almost 25 years and the great thing is he really know how to get children interested in classical music. He was the conductor who became a clown. Since children cant stay focus for a long time, Vabog kept the pace fast and fun as Melvin, with lots of variation in the show to keep the children amused and make sure they can keep concentrating.

He started off the concert with a lively introduction to the different sections of the orchestra.

Impressively, Petter is also a balloon-making genius. He did a few balloon shapes and some juggling and then a few minutes of music and go back to some magic and some more music.

During the show, he also performed brass solos on a mini trumpet, trombone, piccolo horn, the xylophone and a hose with a mouthpiece and a funnel, as well as conduct the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

MPO transform themselves into weird and wonderful animals with the piece "Old MacDonald had a Farm".

He got the children to stand up and sit down and even conducted the orchestra.

There were lots of laughter in the concert hall. The concert lasted about an hour without intervals. Jared enjoyed the concert and I'm glad that the concert had education elements in it too.

After the concert, we walked around KLCC. There was F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2009 at the Concourse of KLCC.

BMW cars were on displayed too. Nice car!

Gathering and Nintendo Wii

I received my bonus last month. My employer still paid out bonus despite recession and the not so promising economy. I decided to host lunch at home to thanks my staff for all the support, team work, commitment, dedication, etc throughout 2008. It had been a tough year for us.

We had 2 resignations, one of which only served 2 weeks out of the official 2 months notice. Then a newly joined staff decided to leave in less than 2 weeks. For the next replacement staff, we decided not to confirm the staff and finally, thank God, we found a more suitable, good staff.

There's no way I could go through 2008 by myself. Its all about teamwork and everyone worked towards the same objectives and goals, within the time frame set.

Chin Ying and her family.

The sad thing is Chin Ying is leaving us in early May 09. On the bright side, she has received a better job offer with a good career prospect. This is life. People come and people go. I'm happy that my staff has progressed well in their career.

I was so busy and occupied on that day that I've forgotten to take photos of the food that we prepared. We prepared the following for lunch:

  1. Rice Pilaf
  2. Fried Prawn with Cracker biscuit
  3. Roasted Smashed Potato
  4. Ayam Rendang
  5. Curry Sotong and Prawn
  6. Acar-acar
  7. Brocolli Salad

Fried prawn and ayam rendang were the favourites among the group.

Chin Ying's husband enjoyed the ayam rendang. I told her that I bought the ayam rendang paste from TTDI market and gave her the recipe to cook the nice aroma ayam rendang. The next day at work, I saw her reading my blog on Ayam Rendang Paste and printed out the post. Every wife knows the secret to man's heart is through the stomach.

Group photo with our spouse/partner. My entire team was present except for our Credit Controller, Steven couldn't make it as he had to go back to home town for Cheng Meng.

We had red velvet cheese cake for afternoon tea. I served the cheese cake with coffee and tea.

Chin Ying's son and the Aqua Play.

Just as other gatherings, the main attraction was the Nintendo Wii. They were amazed by and enjoyed the game.

The gathering ended at 3.30pm as we had concert at 4.30pm at KLCC.

After the gathering, hubby told me that Chin Ying and Fei Yin husbands are going to buy Wii. The following day at work, we went to Digital Mall for lunch as both of them wanted to find out more about Wii and its price. The price is RM1,040 for the set and RM200 for additional set of remote with namchak.