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31 December 2008

Portugese Christmas Lunch

FY hosted Christmas lunch at her house in Ara Damansara on 29 Dec 08 for us from the office.

FY’s time being baby, Jodie which is a Beagle dog. This picture is taken up by Jared, using my handphone.

Jared and Jaden loved the dog. The poor dog had to be caged as a few of us were afraid of dog.

FY cooked Portuguese Devil’s curry chicken (middle, last row) and chili prawn (middle, 2nd row) for all of us. Very impressive and yummy! Didn’t know that she can cook so well as she always gave us the impression that she could only cook maggi mee.

FY's husband packed very yummy fried noodle from Loong Foong restaurant at LDP.

CY’s maid fried nuggets and she also brought Shakey’s pizza.

YF made longan jelly.

DH’s wife, who was a caterer made her famous bacon roll (middle, 2nd row).

CH’s sausage in red and green Christmas colours.

Despite being a new, busy mother, SL made this banana brownies.

Ever since I started baking, I always being requested to bake and bring cake for functions that I attended. On my colleagues' request, I baked this Chocolate cheese cake from Nigella’s recipe.

Part of the group. Were they there for the TV or Christmas celebration?

Red and gold Christmas tree, complemented well with the Tangerine Ergorapido.

Lovely red and gold ribbons.

We exchanged gifts and FY bought Barney colouring set for the kids. Very sweet of her!

These 2 sets are for Jared and Jaden. On the right is the result of Jaden's colouring.

30 December 2008

Christmas Lunch at Banquet at Bangsar Village II

Auntie YC invited us for Christmas lunch at Banquet, Bangsar Village II on Sun, 21 Dec 08. She had been to the Banquet for several times and love the food there.

While walking from the car park to the outlet, we saw these mini collectible cars.

They were so sporty and cute.

Christmas is about sharing and giving and there was a "Kids for Kids Charity" activity in the shopping mall.

A very clever idea and design of Christmas tree made out of plastic bottles, hang in the centre court of the shopping mall.

Banquet is a sister restaurant of Café Café, which is located at Jalan Maharajalela in KL. I love the pretty, girlish white decor of this eatery, especially the chandeliers.

We sat at this outdoor section of Banquet which is situated at the centre court section of the shopping mall.

Banquet serves local and western dishes.

A very stylish menu.

I ordered this Crispy Brie for Jared and Jaden. It's fried cheese served with tangy sauce. However, they didn't like it.

French fries for the kids too.

And these two boys really enjoyed the french fries.

Rojak, mixture of local fruits and vegetables ie pineapples, cucumber, guava, mango, turnip, etc tossed in local rojak sauce, garnished with roasted peanuts and sesame seeds.

Wild Rocket Salad with sliced pear served with Parmigiana Cheese and roasted pine nuts.

Mee Jawa or Mee Rebus in mildly spicy sweet potato gravy, with fried bean curd and sliced fritters, crunchy cracker, prawns and bean sprouts.

The noodle is yummy though its extremely pricey for a bowl of noodle.

Aunty YC highly recommended this Hot Chocolate Cake as she knew I loved chocolate cake. She told us that we had to wait for 15 mins for this Hot Chocolate Cake with White Truffles Flavour and as such, we ordered it just before we finished our lunch.

After lunch, we proceeded to ToysrUs as Aunty YC wanted to buy Christmas presents for Jared and Jaden and she let them chose their own presents.

Jared chose Transformer toys and we chose this 3 in 1 Art Desk, First Art Studio for Jaden as he loves to write and draw.

Jaden playing with his new toy.

Jared and Jaden received the above presents from Penang 7th uncle and family.

I organised a simple steamboat dinner at home on Sat, 27 Dec and invited Aunty YC to join us for the dinner. The following day, we invited my sister, SC for steamboat lunch as her husband loved steamboat and we had balance of fish ball, etc from the earlier steamboat.

This Creative Bricks box is from Patti to Jaden.

Christmas Dinner in Klang

I always like Christmas season .. its time for giving, sharing and forgiving.

I like the Christmas decoration around the city, shopping complexes, Christmas songs, Christmas gifts, Christmas gathering, open house, holiday, etc. I just love Christmas!

This year, we had several Christmas outings.

Christmas hosted a Christmas dinner at her house on Sat, 20 Dec 08. This dinner is for her family and we were glad to be invited to join them for this festive celebration.

Aglio olio spaghetti for the kids.

Salad in Christmas colours ... green and red.

Roast chicken and bruschetta. Christina bought the roast chicken and roast lamb (not in picture) from Euro Deli.

Mashed potato to complement the roast chicken and lamb.

Red wine that went so well with the red meat.

Mini red and green balloons, put up by Christina and Yuan Hui.

White tea set for dessert ... coffee and cakes.

This is Christina's first attempted marble cheese cake, displayed on a newly bought 8" cake display stand from Living Quarters, 1 Utama.

This is my first attempted, not so successful Bull's eye cheesecake, displayed on a 10" cake display stand. The cheese and chocolate rings didn't turn out well, it suppose to be evenly spread. A little lack of confidence now, not sure if I'll try to bake it again.

Christina suggested gift exchange for the kids. The parents were informed in advance the kids that we were to buy gifts for, at least we could think of the kids needs/wants and bought an appropriate gifts for them. Good idea!

The boys admiring their gifts.

These are the gifts for Jared and Jaden from the gift exchange and additional gifts from Auntie Christina.

We bought this "Know Your World" activity pack for Xin Li and Jared.

I bought this handbag (back view) for Kimberly from Mid Valley. It has a pink heart on the front of the handbag. It's really nice to shop for a girl.

Photo for the sweet memories ... with Christina family and her in-laws.

Thanks to Christina and Yuan Hui for inviting us to join her family in the Christmas dinner.

27 December 2008

Papier Make n Take - A day in the life of Jaden

Jo emailed me and ask "Why you only posted my mini album? Where's yours?". The truth was I hadn't finished my mini album then.

I promised Jo that I would finish my mini album by this week and thereafter, post in on my blog to share it with her and others.

Surprisingly, today I'm extremely awake albeit the flu medicine that I took earlier on. And here you are ...

These are the snapshots of the mini album for Jaden. All these photos were taken during our holiday trip to Kuantan in Oct 08. When Jared saw me printing Jaden's photos, he said "Mommy, you only print Jaden photos, where's Jared's photos?".

This is the cover with title "A day in the life of Jaden".

The 2nd page : What a handsome little guy.

The 3rd page : Jaden's first step on beach sand. He made a fuss about it initially.

The 4th page : Jaden had "Fun" building sand castle.

The 5th page : Playing see-saw up and down with Daddy at Kuantan mini zoo.

The 6th page : Jaden "enjoy" swimming with his tube and playing water gun.

The 7th page : The "rascal". Blue paper matched with Jaden's blue shirt.

Oh oh, its passed 2am. I better catch some sleep, it'll be a long day tomorrow ... tumbletots class, music class, weekly groceries shopping, etc.