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14 October 2008

Holiday in Kuantan - The Beginning

I got to know about Ambank vouchers for stay in Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort from a friend. We are able to get a night stay in their Guest Room at RM120 net (without breakfast). The usual corporate rate is more than RM300. F&B RM50 voucher is sold at 50% discount (pay RM25 only). I suggested to Christina "How about a holiday with Coopers gang?" and Christina liked the idea as its been a long, long time (since Oct 04) since the group had a trip together.

As such, on 20 Jul 08, an email was sent out to my ex-colleagues from Coopers & Lybrand.

Surprisingly, all could make it to the proposed date of mid Oct 08. Alex and Betti gave their block-out dates. We really missed each other and would like the trip to materialise. Thanks to everybody for the co-operation and wanting to get together. This trip has been long overdue.

Jimmy "for some days I've been thinking about the gang...We should have a gathering! For us and the kids - they themselves are a sizeable group".

Then, it was the confirmation of the number of rooms. We had 7 families (13 adults, 9 kids and 3 maids) in 8 rooms. The challenges were getting the Ambank vouchers and the number of rooms required.

We had some impatient ones and also lots of interesting emails flying around. These are extracts from the interesting, funny, worth to treasure emails chain ...

Kenneth "we are ok with whatever arrangements, so long as with all of you!"

Alex "kinda tiring keeping those fingers crossed for nearly a week (challenging to type this message as well when they are crossed). So, we have news (yet)?"

Christina "Ghee, now I realize it is not easy to buy things through people….."

Jimmy "Don't give up on him just yet... :)"

Christina "Hee!Hee! Thanks for the encouragement, bro"

And Bettina revealed that she could get her sister to purchase the Ambank vouchers!

Kenneth "加油, 加油, 加油!!!!!"

Alex "RM2.70/ltr. 加油,"

Jimmy "Time's running out - gotta close the deal fast with the hotel, or someone whom we don't know will be sleeping in our rooms!"

On 5 Aug, Betti "Confirm already purchase the vouchers, Pls do your hotel booking now".

Raymond "Thank you taking the efforts Ladies, what will we do without you..............
Alex "find them".

The next challenge was the confirmation from the resort on the rooms availability as we need 8 rooms for 2 nights. Finally, on 7 Aug we received the rooms confirmation from Hyatt Kuantan. Hooray!

As the date got nearer ...

Christina "am getting really excited now as it is only 4 more days to our trip…even more excited than my son. Hee!Hee!"

Jimmy "Sunrise (sunset not applicable there haha) may be a good plan though I'm not sure if I want to do it again . We'll see..."

Everybody said they couldn't got up early for the sunrise but then, we had so many photos of sunrise. Wonder how these photos came about.

photo courtesy of Alex

photo courtesy of Yuan Hui


Ohaiogozaimasu said...

Samantha & I would not forget the Cendol Ice-cream from Uncle Raymond. I think the kids love that too.

Not to mention the short but terrifying love story between your son and Uncle Raymond's daughter. How do I post that video shot to you? Maybe I sent that to YouTube and you link it here

Achilles said... here's the love story video... Enjoy!!

Achilles said...

I found that you have an 'abandoned' blog here: , is one for your eldest son and the other for the younger one?

Samantha thinks you are carrying one more, is that true?