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22 October 2008

Restoran Sri Mahkota Seafood, Kuantan

On our 2nd night, Christina suggested for seafood dinner and brought us to this restaurant that was recommended by her local friend.
Once we reached the restaurant, I saw this big, lighted up signboard. This restaurant was recommended by my sister too as her local friend brought her there to dine the last time she was in Kuantan. It must be a nice and famous restaurant since everybody seems to recommend this restaurant.
Restoran Sri Mahkota Seafood
No. 167, 169, 171 Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz
25000 Kuantan
Tel: 09-5134318, 012-9880218, 019-5634178

In the restaurant, we saw this impressive food menu.

The cook in this newspaper is the owner of this restaurant. He's also the one who recommended the food/dish for our dinner.

This lotus root mix vegetable tasted alright, nothing to shout for at RM20.

This Satay Prawn is their famous dish. The taste is ok and for RM56, I would not highly recommend this dish.

Another famous dish, Salted Egg Crab. This was yummy, superb and a must try dish (RM63).

This is another so, so dish ... Seafood tofu beancurd (RM35).

Another famous dish, Thousand Island Squid. I like this dish as its very tasty (RM27). Its quite rare to find thousand island with squid, usually thousand island with prawn.

Assam Pedas Ikan (RM60).

Lemon Chicken (RM16).

We ordered 7 dishes in total. The bill came up to RM293.60, inclusive of rice (RM9.60) and drink (RM7) for 7 adults and 4 kids.

The service was really good. There was a movie played on a notebook for the kids to watch.
Alex managed to capture a very interesting video of Ray's daughter and Jaden. Watch it here.


Achilles said...

don't forget to watch the 'love story' video from Mahkota's dinner here ->

treasure memories said...

Yes, we have watched it. Thanks!

Are you going to send to the funniest video contest?

Achilles said...

not 'funny', just an 'innocent' act of being in childhood. sure makes one wish to be young again, alhamduillah!

aalex2 said...

Hey guys,
JUst tried at this restaurant last weekend with friends from Singapore. The price is really killing me la..7 adult and 5kids(Below 6YO) person almost cost me RM700. Fish Kerapu (2 small fish below 600g each) cook sweet sour, HOt Plate Taufun, 2.3kg Crab, Plain Vegetable, A plate of Kuahtew,Asam Fish(donno wat fish la. Unfresh 700g), Prawn introduce by that captain name Steven.... cost me RM98 and the most expensive shark head soup RM240....really nothing special judge ur self eaither this kind of food worth RM700?