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28 May 2009

Jaya Supermarket collapses

We were in a meeting in our meeting room and heard a big bang sound and felt the vibration.

Oh my God! Jaya Supermarket which is located just opposite my office and I can see it from my office window, collapsed! Jaya Supermarket is undergoing demolition operations and it went awry at 4pm+ just now.

There are fire rescue personnel, ambulances, traffic polices, etc and police blocked the road entrance to the building.

I prayed for the safety of the people in and around the building.

The Star Online already posted the news.

27 May 2009

Breast Check Up

Its time of the year again … Breast check-up.
I’m always very worry to go through this check-up, especially during the week leading to the appointment day. I wished I eat more healthily, exercise more regularly, take Evening Primrose Oil tablet which is too big for me to swallow, etc.
I first detected cysts in my breasts when I went to see a GP for a fever consultation. As it was a lady doctor, I requested for her to do a breast check up for me. I do not know how to do self breast examination.
I had my annual breast check up at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. I reached the hospital at 11+am and went straight to the specialist clinic to obtain ultrasound form.
I went over to the Imaging centre and waited for almost an hour before I was called in for the ultrasound. Thank God it was a lady doctor. There was once I had a male doctor and I felt uncomfortable with it and yet felt rude to request for a change. The doctor reminded me even though it's a male doctor, we can request for a lady doctor. That's our rights. I kept on praying while the doctor scanned through my breasts. I have bilateral breast cysts. Luckily, there’s slight improvement in the cysts. What a BIG relief.
The nurse told me that the ultrasound report would only be ready after an hour. After the stress that I went through, I decided to have a light lunch at Dome cafe which is located nearby the Imaging Centre. I ordered Flat White and Scone. I loved the Flat White but the scone was disappointing. Nina and I can make nicer scone.
Finally, the ultrasound report was ready after 1.5 hours ~2.30pm. I went back to the clinic for consultation with breast specialist. There were a few ladies there and they were chit chatting on breast topic. I didn’t mean to be rude but it’s an interesting topic and I was one of the patients there too. There was this Malay lady who had stage 2 breast cancer, went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was sharing her experience with the other 2 ladies. She looked good, strong and very optimistic. I couldn't’t tell that she had gone through this period of trying time. She said she needs to be strong for his 12 years old son.
The other Philippine lady went through breast lump removal and she was there for her wound dressing and check up. Of course, all of us hope our breast lump, cysts, etc improve and not worsening. I felt like I must share this with them and I went “Sorry to interrupt, but I think Yoga is good”. I started Yoga about a year ago and since then, my breast cysts are lesser and smaller. I pray to God that it will continue to improve. The ladies were very excited to hear how Yoga has helped me and they decided to sign up for Yoga classes too.
One more note, when doing breast check up, we must remove our shirt and bra. Don’t just lift it up as the breast area is quite large and not just around the nipple area. By lifting shirt up only, we may not detect any lump or cyst on the higher part (12 o’clock position) of our breast.
More and more people are getting breast cancer nowadays. Probably due to our food and lifestyle. I remembered the first time that I was trying to fix appointment to see this specialist, my waiting time was more than half a year. The appointment for the day is always full. The specialist performs surgery in the morning and consultation in the afternoon. The ultrasound cost me RM130 and the consultation charge is RM100. Luckily, my employer covers my medical through ING.
My next appointment will be a year later and I will have to do mammogram and ultrasound. The specialist recommends every lady to have a mammogram at 40 years old and at every 2/3 years interval.
By the time I left the hospital, it was already 4+pm. I was in the hospital for 4.5 hours. I hope to remember to eat healthily and exercise more regularly now and not towards the next year appointment.

25 May 2009

Mother's Day and Dad's 76th Birthday

What is Mother's Day? Jared "Mother's Day is do things for Mother".

"Mommy, I have a surprise for you. I made you a card" and he presented me with this card. Kid is so innocent and sweet.

Jared made this card in Krista.

On the left: Jared and I.

Their words are so simple and powerful.

Dad and mom love KFC. On Mother's Day, I bought KFC, brought to their house and have it as dinner with them. We never like to have dinner outside on the actual Mother's Day to avoid the crowd, pricey food and poor service during the busy day.

Dad's birthday is also in the month of May. We celebrated Mother's Day and Dad's 76th Birthday together on 24 May 2009. Its pretty challenging to gather all of us together as my sisters had to celebrate Mother's Day with their in-laws too.

Mom chose Thai food and we had our dinner at Kinnaree Thai Restaurant located at Jaya One, PJ. Kinnaree has been voted the Thailand's Best Restaurants by many food reviewers.

We had two tables, one for the adult and one for the kids. We ordered their May's Special Premier Set dinner at RM488+ for adult and from its ala-carte menu for the kids. We had Thai's famous desserts before eating the birthday cake.

For the restaurant standard, a glass of warm water is at RM1.50+ and a bowl of white rice is at RM3.00+. The total bill came out to RM750.60. The food is delicious and the price is expected of this standard of Thai restaurant.

24 May 2009

Butter Cupcake & Steamboat Dinner

Jin and family came to KL for a shopping trip. Since they were in town and so were 2nd and 3rd auntie from Kluang, I decided to host steamboat dinner at home. 2nd and 3rd auntie had not seen Jared and Jaden for a long time. We had not seen Brian for a long time too. I had a big crowd at home. 2nd, 3rd and 4th auntie, 5th uncle and wife, Elaine and Brian, Tsu Mae, Jin and family.

I made these butter cupcake (before applying icing sugar on top) for tea and also for Jared's school Teachers' Day. A few teachers had made their request for my cake via Jared. I guess those cupcakes were so fresh, moist and nice that they were all eaten that neither Jared, Jaden nor myself had tried any.

This photo was taken with a tripod and the photo is so sharp without the usual camera shake.

For steamboat, we boiled 2 varieties of soup ... clear soup and tom yam soup using chicken bones, ikan bilis, Chinese cabbage, corns, yam, red dates and keichee.

I like steamboat with lots of varieties and not just fish ball and meat balls. As such, I bought bits of almost everything that I can find from TTDI market.

Yong Tau Foo.

Fish and chicken meat.

Pork shoulder.

Squids and prawns.

A few varieties of mushrooms.

Meatball, which is the favourite of the night.

Sai Tou fish balls which were fresh and bouncy.

Sotong balls, egg tofu, pressed tofu, seafood tofu, etc.

We also had vegetables, yee mee, chili sauce, sambal sauce, chili padi with soya sauce. I also made fruit cocktail drink.

Surprisingly, my guests and hubby liked the tomyam soup. The steamboat dinner was quite a good one with most of the food consumed. At least we did not have to eat fish balls for the next few meals.

I had steamboat dinner again the following weekend for my sister and her family. My brother in-law loves to eat steamboat. After two consecutive weekends of steamboat dinner, hubby said "Let's not have steamboat for awhile".

17 May 2009

Farewell for Staff and Friend

Finally, CY's last working day with the company was on 6 May 09, just after our Apr 09 accounts closing.

FY suggested that we made a mini album scrapbook for CY. I bought the mini album from Papier and add on some matching embellishments, sticker, rub-ons, etc. We stayed back after office hour to make the scrapbook.

We compiled all the photos taken over the last 1.5 years in office, gathering, etc and grouped them accordingly.

Photos taken in office.

Photos taken during our trip to Spore for job handover.

Photos with ex-colleagues.

This page is designed by Cindy.

This page is designed by YF on gathering at my house.

Gathering at CY's house.

This page is designed by FY. For a 1st timer, she's really good and fast in finishing the page that we asked her to make 3 pages in total.

Autographing the album.

We are glad that CY likes the mini album and the autograph from office colleagues.

Farewell photo. CY bought all these gifts and chocolate for all of us in the department.

Best of luck in your future endeavours, Chin Ying.

03 May 2009

Cream Puff Delights ... Choux a la Creme

The last delight that we learned is the cream puff. I attended this workshop because Hubby love cream puff and its quite difficult to find good cream puff in town.

Line the choux pastry into choux shape by using 6mm round nozzle. The technique is to press the dough, stop and cut it.

Bake at 180C, use combi fan for top and bottom.

Open in two.

Garnish the base with pastry cream.

Top up with whipping cream.

Hubby love the cream puff.


Line up the choux pastry in a small choux shape.

Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with dry nuts ie almonds. Bake and cool down.

Open with serrated knife and fill with vanilla ice-cream.

Place on serving plate and coat with warm chocolate sauce.

Yummy, sinful Profiteroles with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Eclair

Popular favourite.

Chocolate pastry cream made out of Valrhona blace couverture, min 31% cocoa butter with 64% to 70% dark chocolate. It can be prepared 1 day in advance and the excess can be kept in chiller for 3 to 5 days.
Line a baking tray with cling film and pour the pastry cream onto it. Cover the pastry cream with cling film to let it cool down. Flatten the cream.

This batch of pastry was baked on baking tray lined with parchment paper. The result is roundish base pastry.

Whereas, this batch of pastry was baked on baking tray, coated with little bit of oil but without parchment paper. The result is flat bottom pastry. Surprisingly, the flat bottom is actually the top of Eclair buns.

Dig hole on the left and right, bottom of eclair buns.

Pipe chocolate pastry cream into both sides of the holes.

Glaze it with coco fondant.


This is one of my favourite.

Line up choux pastry in a small choux shape.

Brush with egg wash (egg and salt to break down protein in egg so that its not too thick) and sprinkle with pearl sugar.

Bake at 170C. The interesting thing that I learned yesterday is if we line a baking sheet on baking tray, the base of dough once baked will be roundish and not flatten.
The pastry will go through a few process:
  1. Development stage - dough will rise
  2. Drying process - dough will set
  3. Open and close oven door to let steam out, reduce temperature - dough will dry
The pearl sugar is half the sweetness of normal sugar and it adds flavour and taste to the choux.