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30 June 2010

Jared & Daddy

28 Jun 2010

Lately, Jared is getting naughtier and naughtier. He took a long time to wake up in the morning and freshen up, to eat his meals, to get ready to school, to get ready for his music and Kumon classes, etc. He's not as discipline where he used to do his Kumon without having us to ask him to do so, he would practice his keyboard, etc and he has been careless and did not do his homework diligently.

Hubby and I have been telling him, scolding him, reminding him, etc. His performance in Kumon and music classes are deteriorating. Initially, we thought he was adjusting his time and schedule to fit into the afternoon class of Standard 1.

Hubby and I have been busy too. We didn't spend as much time with Jared on his homework, Kumon, practice keyboard, etc. Over the last weekend, both of us discussed about the change in Jared's behaviour and academic performance and also our duty as his parents.

I also reminded Hubby that he used to sit down with Jared and talk to him about the Do's and Don'ts before Jaden was born where we had more time and attention on him only. It's like a man talk which I admire and Jared look up to his Daddy.

We felt, probably Jared was trying to get our attention that he purposely misbehaved or he felt left out with the existence of Jaden, who is at such a cute stage now.

On Monday, while I was at work, Hubby decided to talk to Jared. He kept me posted when I came back from work.

Hubby: What do you expect from me as Father's duty to son?

Jared : To teach me, to love me, to coach me and to play with me. (in exact sequence).

Hubby: My expectation from you is to "listen". My job is to teach you and in order to do that, you need to listen to me.

Jared : I don't like to be beaten.

Hubby: Ok, I don't beat you but in exchange, you must listen.

Hubby told me that Jared was a good boy that day. He ate his dinner fast and did his Kumon homework diligently.

This was so emotional and it was such a special moment that I must blogged about it.

And so, they live happily ever after .... for a day!

12 June 2010

Flying to Macau - Air Asia and LCCT

6 Jun 10

Auntie YC came back from her business trip to Macau in Jan 10. She stayed in The Venetian Macao. She was telling us her trip to Macau, her stay in The Venetian Macao and recommended us to have a holiday in Macao without kids.

Hubby browsed thru Air Asia flights to Macau and the air fare to Macau is so much cheaper if we book 6 months ahead of travelling date. The flight and airport tax only cost us RM446. We added in luggage, meals and advance seat booking and paid additional RM114 for all of them. The total return air tickets for both of us is RM560 for travel in Jul 10.

In Apr 10, Air Asia notified Hubby that both the flights that we have booked to/from Macau had been cancelled and ask us to change to other dates. There would be only 2 flights to Macau in a day. We were allowed to choose any dates, even to earlier dates. We decided to change our travel dates to Jun 10 as its school holiday and its easier for us to make arrangement for our parents to take care of the kids. It is also our wedding anniversary. We chose the 6.30 am flight and returning at 9 pm flight. Air Asia also upgraded our luggage from 20 kg to 30 kg and added in meals for our return flight complimentary.

As its 6.30am flight, we need to be at the airport at 4.30am, leave house for LCCT at 3.30am and wake up by 3.00am (if we sleep). We knew we would be tired by the time we reach Macau. I decided to use the Air Asia web self check-in so that we only need to arrive at the airport by 5.45am and can sleep for additional 1 hour.

Both the taxi trips to and from airports will attract midnight charges and would cost us almost RM300 for both trips. We need to explore other options for trip to LCCT.

While we were in KL Sentral for the kids train trip to Segamat, we found out that KLIA transit will only cost RM12.50 per person per trip. The monorail will depart from KL Sentral and stop at Selak Tinggi for change to bus shuttle to LCCT. The fare is inclusive of the bus shuttle. However, the last train is at 12 midnight and first train is at 5am. As such, this option is out for us.

There's Skybus / Aerobus from KL Sentral to LCCT that only cost RM14 per person for 2 ways. However, we still need to take a cab or drive and park our car for 3 days in KL Sentral. Car park is expensive in KL Sentral and we cant save much travelling time to LCCT due to bus waiting time.

We decided to drive to LCCT. There are open car park in front of the LCCT terminal at RM36.50 per day or RM2.50 per hour. There's also car park in Tune Hotel at RM20 per day or RM2 per hour. The distance from Tune Hotel to LCCT airport is 7 minutes walk.

The night before our flight to Macau, Hubby and I agreed that we should sleep by 10pm in order to wake up early ... but I could not sleep. At the end, I took a flu pill and only manage to sleep at 1am. We woke up at 4am, had a cup of coffee, left home at 4.37am and reached LCCT at 5.30am. Hubby dropped me at the airport while he went to park the car.

Despite it was an early morning, the airport was pack with people. Must be the school holiday. As we've earlier self check-in via Air Asia website and printed out the boarding pass, I went straight to Baggage Drop Counter at Gate R3 to drop our checked luggage. I checked in one luggage which weigh 7.7kg and decided to hand carry the other luggage (5.2kg). Within 10 minutes, we were ready for boarding.

The Airbus 320 to Macau. As we had to carry luggage and walk up the stair case to the plane, I would recommend to check in all luggage.

Breakfast was served at 7.30am. We had nasi briyani (RM8 with small mineral water) and sandwich (RM6). We didn't expect to have the appetite for breakfast at such early morning but we were wrong. We were hungry! The meals did not come with any hot drink. We added Krispy Kreme Combo Set (2 doughnuts + 1 hot drink) at RM9 and a bottle of mineral water (RM3). I would recommend to pre-book meals and drink during flight reservation as crew members will serve those that have pre-book meals before selling them in-flight. It is also slightly cheaper.

Lastly, I would also recommend to bring shawl, travel blanket or jacket along as it was cold in the flight and Air Asia charge for blanket.

The cost of our travelling (petrol, toll and parking) to and from LCCT is less than RM100.

06 June 2010

First Train Trip to Segamat

5 Jun 2010

During the last school holiday, mother in-law (MIL) wanted us to send Jared to Segamat as she would like to spend more time with him and also for him to experience small town life. Jared loves to pick rubber seeds, play with his cousins and their dogs, etc. Jared didn't go to Segamat during the Mar 10 school holiday as it was just a week holiday and we had earlier planned for a trip to Kuantan.

Hubby and I will be away for holiday in Macau for a few days during this Jun school holiday. We made arrangement with MIL to take care of them while we are away, with the help of our maid. MIL suggested for them to spend some time in Segamat and offered to take them down by train.

MIL took a train up to KL on Thursday. She bought train tickets for the trip to Segamat on Agung Birthday ie 5 Jun 10 at 2pm.

We had our earlier lunch at 12pm and reached KL Sentral train station at 1pm. Jared and Jaden were very excited when they reached the train station. When Jaden saw arrival of trains, he got excited and wanted to take those train. We told him the train to Segamat is not here yet and he said "Train, come come fast".

At about 1.40pm, there was an announcement that the train that departed from Butterworth would be delayed by an hour to 3pm. It was so disappointing and frustrating as there's not much things to do in KL Sentral and it was quite warm as the air-conditioning wasn't functioning well. Hubby suggested to take the kids out for a ride.

We went to Mc Donalds at Pusat Bandar Damansara and ordered french fries and ice-cream. Jared and Jaden were very happy to eat french fries and forgotten about the train. We left Mc Donalds for KL Sentral at 2.20pm.

Finally, the train arrived and they left for Segamat at 3pm and only arrived at 8pm. It was a long day for them. When we called MIL and asked about the kids, MIL told us that they ate a lot for dinner. Must be very hungry after the long train ride and long day out since 12pm.

I wonder if they will still like to take train after this 5 hours of train ride to Segamat.

01 June 2010

Can Jared keeps the kitten?

1 Jun 2010

Yesterday, Jared called me after he came back from his school.

Jared : Mommy, there's a skinny kitten outside our house. He's so cute. Can we keep him?

I'm not animal lover and I don't like cats, dogs and any animals with furs to come near me or touch my leg. I will scream when cat walk under my dining table in restaurant and if its tail touch my skin.

I said : No, Jared.
Jared : Please Mommy. The kitten is so poor thing. She's so skinny and hungry.

Last week, the paediatrician just said Jared is allergy to air. It could be termites, dust, animal, etc.

Later at night, Jared heard the kitten calling and he ran down the house. He was worry that the kitten is cold outside and has no place to sleep.

Today, Jared mentioned about the kitten again.

I consoled him and said : I think the kitten is back to her mother.
Jared : No, if the kitten has mother, how come it is so skinny? I dont think she has a mother.

After a while, we heard the kitten calling. Jared jumped with joy and said "It's the kitten. Her name is Meow. I named her that". He quickly grabbed a torchlight, open the house door and called "Meow".

I remembered Jared used to tell me "Mommy, can you try not to be scare of cats and dogs? They are very nice. They wont bite you. Please .....".

This boy has a good, loving heart. Hubby and I are very happy for that. But Jared still can't keep the kitten due to my selfish reason and also his health.

Yes ... Jared told me today that he found coin in the school compound and gave it to his teacher. He said "My Moral subject teach me that."