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27 September 2011

Adding more steps ... Omron Pedometer

26 Sep 2011

We all know walking is good for health but do we know how many steps we make in a day? 2,000 steps, 6,000 steps or 10,000 steps?

2,000 steps represents the average walking steps of desk bound worker. 6,000 steps is the recommended steps for healthier leaving and 10,000 steps are for weight management.

Aunty YC shared with Hubby and I of the walking challenge that her company was participating in. They were given pedometers by her company and she showed us her pedometer. We were surprised by the big gap and different steps a person can clock in ... from as low as 2,000 steps to more than 10,000 steps a day.

A few months later, Fei Yin bought 2 stepometer from Guardians for RM28.98 each under its PWP promotion and that reminded me to get one too. I wanted a gadget that can store memory and a more accurate measurement of walking steps. I goggled in the internet and most of the review recommended Omron as the most accurate pedometer. It has 7 day memory which is great to monitor steps over a period of one week.

Last Saturday, I bought these 2 Omron Pedometer HJ203 from Caring Pharmacy at Tesco Kepong for RM100 each. The green is for Hubby and the pink is for me.

The following day, I put on this pedometer and went to TTDI for my groceries shopping. In the evening, we went for jogging and I jogged 3 rounds around the park and clocked 3,000 steps from the jogging. After the jogging, we went to Tesco Kepong and walked around the mall.

Guess what? For the very first day, I walked about 11,000 steps and Hubby walked 8,844 steps. It was a great achievement for the first day record.

Today at work, I was busy with budget review. In between, I consciously made more steps to the pantry, toilet, out for lunch, etc but I only managed to walk 4,648 steps. I'm wondering how little steps it would be if I wasn't consciously making these extra steps.

Hubby put on the pedometer today too. On day 2, Hubby walked 5,732 steps, a drop of 3,112 steps from day 1 but higher than me.

It was a nice feeling that Hubby and I are consciously making more steps and doing this together. Wearing the pedometer all day long encouraged me to add more steps throughout the day. It is amazing how such a seemingly insignificant gadget may be of practical importance and motivating in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

I shared and show my pedometer to my boss today and he wanted to get one too.

09 September 2011

Syahidah Ishak - Acoustic Neuroma: I beg you to spread the words

"Syahidah Ishak - Acoustic Neuroma: I beg you to spread the words: Hello guys! How are you today? Hope you guys can help me, spreading the words, or buy some merchandise(s) to raise funds. Thank you very much guys!!!!"

Please help to spread the words ...

During this Syawal month, all Muslims are celebrating the festive month. But Syahidah is worry if she can make it to remove a brain tumor at Los Angeles' House Clinic. If you can, do donate to Syahidah, how ever little you wish. It means a lot to Syahidah.

07 September 2011

Bangkok - NaRaYa

6-7 Jun 11

My colleague brought me to NaRaYa during one of my business trip to Bangkok. It's Heaven! The things were so lovely and the prices were reasonable too. He brought me to the Sukhumvit outlet and the outlet occupied 2 floors. According to him, they always shop at NaRaYa as Christmas gifts for family and friends in Kuala Lumpur.

Before our recent trip to Bangkok, I wrote to NaRaYa on my intention to visit their outlets. They replied to me and recommended me to visit the Central World and Sukhumvit 24 outlets, which were nearest to the hotel that we stayed in Bangkok.

Christina and I went to the Central World outlet and it was full of people. Crazy! Everyone was carrying baskets and baskets of NaRaYa stuff as though they were free and both the cashier queues were so long.

After spending few hours in NaRaYa and bought THB1,730 worth of stuff, I still felt incomplete and kept on mentioning that Sukhumvit outlet is bigger and had more varieties. 

The following day, Christina suggested that both of us go to the Sukhumvit outlet while the two guys shop at Central World and Siam Paragon ... and so we went. She is such a lovely friend.

We spent another few hours at NaRaYa Sukhumvit and bought THB1,425 worth of stuff. I bought some souvenirs for family members and colleagues in the office and also for myself.

This set only cost THB285 (~RM29)
This set only cost THB245 (~RM25).

 Kitchen ware

More kitchen ware

NaRaYa is a good place to buy souvenirs from Bangkok ... reasonably price and very presentable.

At the Bangkok airport, they were so many tourists that carried NaRaYa bags and plastic bags full of NaRaYa products.

04 September 2011

Bangkok - Things to Eat and Siam Paragon Food Hall

5-8 Jun 2011

This blog is about food that I enjoyed in Bangkok. As such, there will be lots of photos on foods and little words in this blog.

Our first meal in Bangkok was at the Food Hall of Siam Paragon. I had Phad Thai and it was yummy. Thereafter, we went to Chatuchak. At night, we had Japanese dinner at Central World that provide complimentary coconut ice-cream as dessert. That ice-cream was yummy and I'm still thinking about it after 3 months.

On our second night, we had Thai food for dinner in a restaurant near our hotel.

Tom Yam Gung

Kailan with crispy pork. 

We wanted to have dessert and "Bread with Thai Custard dipping" was the only one that sound alright and this was what we were served. The dinner cost THB605 for four of us.

Thailand is famous with Japanese food and we had 2 Japanese meals there. Our bento lunch at Fuji at Paragon and cost THB1,425 for four of us.

 2nd Thai food dinner at Manna, Siam Paragon.

Group photo for the album. We had a great time in Bangkok with the good company of Christina and Yuan Hui.

 Spicy raw papaya salad.

Green curry. 

 Thot Man Pla (Fish cake)

Siam Paragon Food Hall is a place of attraction in Bangkok and it is recommended as a place to visit in Bangkok. place Siam Paragon Food Hall lives up to the hype that Siam Paragon as the 'Pride of Bangkok', The Food Hall covers a good half of the mall's huge ground floor and is divided into three different zones: Food Hall Food Court, Food Hall Gallery and Food Hall Take Home. Walking around the Food Hall after heavy dinner was such a good experience.

Lots and lots of macaron.

A more presentable Bread with Thai Custard dipping

Mien Kam 

We first had our coconut ice-cream at Chatuchat market. The 2nd one was at Central World. It was so good that we decided to have it again on our last night in Bangkok. We had this Coconut sorbet ... our 3rd coconut ice-cream during the trip.

After nice, heavy Thai food for dinner at Manna, we walked around Siam Paragon Food Hall and bought dry mango and rice crackers. Thereafter, we had coconut sorbet and this mango glutinous rice for dessert.

On my recent trip to Bangkok, I found this at the Bangkok airport (Thomas and Tonini, towards Gate F)where the staff were cutting mango and packing it. Bought a packet at THB150 each.

I bought these 2 packets of Tom Yam Chili paste and Green Curry paste from the same shop at THB80 each. We just cooked the Green Curry for dinner and we all love it.

Bangkok Loft Inn

5-8 Jun 11

We stayed at Bangkok Loft Inn during our trip to Bangkok. Christina found this hotel from Trip Advisor. The hotel ranked 7th in Bangkok in Trip Advisor ranking and also Travellers' Choice® 2011 Winner.

We took a cab from airport to hotel and paid THB860. The hotel staff told us that they could arrange airport transfer to hotel at half the price, if we informed them earlier of such need.

The hotel is located in the Thonburi section of Bangkok, with 5 minutes walk to Wongwian Yai BTS Skytrain. Bangkok Loft Inn is a boutique hotel with cozy atmosphere and contemporary style, not too big (four-storey) with personalized services, provided by a hospitable and friendly staff.

At the hotel lobby while checking-in, we were served with welcome drink. There are lots of sweets, chocolate bars, etc at the lobby table. The room was nice and very clean. We had a super king size bed. We only paid RM124 per night.

Christina, Yuan Hui, Hubby and I were truly impressed by the services from the hotel. The reception staff, Pat and Noi had been very helpful. They suggested route and means of transport for us to move around in Bangkok and the expected fare to pay.

I enjoyed the personal touch of the breakfast too. We ordered our breakfast the night before. There were also table of buns, bread, fruits, coffee and tea on buffet style. Every morning, we will have our breakfast there, chit chatting, relax and discuss our itinerary for the day.


Hubby was very happy with the free Internets and computer usage.

On our last day, since we had an early flight back to KL, the hotel staff packed breakfast for us. We had tuna and egg sandwich, fruits, orange juice and mineral water. The hotel also arranged complimentary airport transfer for us.
Since our return, we have been promoting the hotel to our family and friends. I had also submitted my review on the hotel to Trip Advisor.

Bangkok - Things to Do

5-8 Jun 11

We did it again!

During our last year wedding anniversary, Hubby and I for the very first time had our holiday without kids. This time round, we went to Bangkok, without kids too but with Christina and Yuan Hui. Yes ... just 2 couples went to Bangkok for 4 days 3 nights and no kids allowed.

Thanks to my sister in-law who helped me to look after my 2 boys during our holiday in Bangkok. I invited her and her 2 kids to have their school holiday in KL. At the same time, her kids could play with my kids (they are cousins), my maid would cook for them while she kept an eye on all of them. Before the holiday, I stocked up food for them.

We flew Air Asia to Bangkok and paid RM818 for return tickets for both of us. Christina booked the Air Asia flight tickets on 31 Dec 10, more than 5 months in advance.
There are lots of reasonably price hotels in Bangkok. Unless you are going to Bangkok for relaxing trip, you will hardly spend time in the hotel as you will leave hotel after morning breakfast for shopping, eating and massage and return to hotel for freshen up and sleep only. Find a clean hotel with good reviews from Trip Advisor with BTS skytrain and MRT nearby.

Honestly, I like Bangkok as a holiday destination. Over the 3 days in Bangkok, we basically shop, eat and massage! The good thing is THB100 is about RM10.20, which we divide (not multiply)  their currency to ours. There were lots of walking and the weather there was humid and hot. As such, do remember to wear some thing light and comfortable, especially walking with a pair of comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water in your bag.

The transportation in Bangkok is convenient and cheap too, except for the bad traffic. Taking taxi is convenient, comfortable and bring you to your destination, but you will be spending too much time on the road, caught in massive jam. There are Tut Tut, a good alternative to taxi especially during traffic jam. Otherwise, take BTS skytrain, just be prepared for the long walk along the station itself. A day pass, unlimited ride is for sales at THB120. 

Place to Shop
    Chatuchak weekend market - Go early morning, spare at least half a day ... way too much things to see and buy.
Platinum Fashion Mall (2 blocks - old and new) at Pratunam - wholesale market with cheaper, nicer design and quality clothing compared to other Bangkok markets. These 2 dresses cost less than RM30 each.

NaRaYa ... All from fabrics

Siam Paragon Food Hall - must visit, just like this happy couple, with lots of food choices

... and not forgetting Central World.

Things to Eat
  1. Japanese Food - lots of Japanese restaurants at reasonable price
  2. Thai Food
  3. Thai dessert - mango sticky rice, coconut ice-cream
  4. Thai fruits - pomelo dip with plum powder
  5. Thai delicacies - dry fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, etc), rice crackers, coconut rolls, etc
We had 2 Thai meals and 2 Japanese meals during over trip in Bangkok and the food there was very reasonably priced.

Things to Do
  1. Massage (very soothing after whole day walking) - We had foot reflexology (THB250 for an hour) at Health Land Spa & Massage  (look like hotel with few branches in Bangkok) on our first night in Bangkok and another foot reflexology (THB200 for an hour) at local massage place near our hotel at the 2nd night, both after our dinner.
  2. Clubbing, Pub with life band

Things to Buy
I bought this Osaki iPad 2 cover at THB2,100 for Hubby from Central World that came with a very nice packaging.

  1. Leather stuff - Handbag, shoes, belt, Ipad 2 cover, etc
  2. Clothings - Get them from Platinum Fashion Mall
  3. Spices to cook Green curry, Tom Yam Guong, etc

We brought one medium bag (for our clothing and toiletries) and we brought another empty, big bag for storing our shopping. The above picture was taken at Bangkok airport on our return trip ... lots of bags!