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29 September 2008

C&L and ACCA

I started working right after my STPM. My parents believed that we should be independent at the age of 20.

I went for a few interviews and finally, I received offers to work with Public Bank and Coopers and Lybrand (now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers). Public Bank offered me a cashier position with salary of RM420 per month, whereas, C&L offered me an Accounts Assistant position with salary of RM350 per month.

I was considering both options. I had a long chat with Siew Quen, who recommended me the C&L job. As my ambition was to be an accountant, we both felt that C&L should be able to provide me with all the relevant training and experiences. In addition, C&L also subsidised my ACCA course fee. Of course, the working hours with C&L will be long too.

At the end of the day, I decided to take up the position with C&L. My parents were surprise with the decision as they thought, I would choose the job that offer me the most pay. I rationalise my reasoning with them and I was glad that my dad supported me fully. My mom could not understand the reason truly as to her and economy then, working in a bank was a glamour job (not now for sure after so many banks collapse in US).

10 April 1989 was a BIG day for me. It was my first day at work and also my first day of studying accountancy professional course on part time basis at Systematic Business Training Centre in Jalan Sultan.

Initially, I signed up for CIMA course. Then, I found out most of colleagues in C&L studied ACCA. I had a long chat with a senior staff, Alex Chan. Alex explained to me the different between ACCA and CIMA. One statement that he said "CIMA is more towards manufacturing ... ", straight away I changed my mind and decided to switch to ACCA. I did not like to work in a factory. I like to work in a nice office :)

Then, there was another senior who told me "You want to study ACCA on part time basis? ACCA is very difficult, you know. A lot of people struggled ACCA on full time basis and you want to do it on part time?". Then, I asked a very naive and good question "Is it impossible to study ACCA on part time basis?". The senior said "No, but ...". If the answer is No, means its possible. Since its possible and I didn't like to work in a factory, I was going to study ACCA on part time basis.

Those were the decision making process on auditing life and ACCA and I was two steps closer to my Accountant profession.

28 September 2008

Lemon Cream Cheese Butter Cake

I first tasted this cake when Auntie YC baked it many years ago. I could smell the nice aroma of the cake when I stepped into her house porch. My aunt has stopped baking for these past 6 years. She's my hubby's baking guru and my hubby is my baking guru.

Last Saturday, I felt like eating this cake and decided to bake it myself. I baked it after our lunch and the cake was ready in time for tea time with my aunt and brother who came to my house to discuss Auntie YC 's condo interior design.

Everybody enjoyed the cake very much. Hubby gave me 8.5 out of 10.0 points. Too bad that I forgot to take photos of the cake.

Yesterday, Jared had a mini music concert at Yamaha music school. This is in conjunction with the students finishing the term and before moving to a different level of the JMC course. Each student had to bring snack for the concert.

I decided to bake the cake again and I did it on Saturday morning before concert at noon as I wanted to serve the cake fresh and warm.

I forgot to take photos of the cake again. By the time I remembered, half the cake were already consumed. I baked one big tray with almond and a smaller tray without almond as some kids are allergic to nuts.

I received good compliments on the cake, especially the cake was still warm. I reserved the last two pieces of the cakes for Jared's teacher. I was so happy that we brought back an empty tray.

Below are the ingredients for the Lemon Cream Cheese Butter Cake:
  1. 175 gram butter
  2. 125 gram cream cheese (philadephia cheese), at room temperature
  3. 200 gram fine castor sugar (I reduced it to 180g as some may not like it too sweet)
  4. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  5. 3 large eggs
  6. 1 tbsp grated lemon grind
Sifted ingredients:
  1. 180 gram plain flour }
  2. 1 tsp baking powder } equivalent to self raising flour
  3. 1/4 tsp salt
  4. 2 tbsp lemon juice
  5. 1 tbsp plain UHT milk
  6. 50 gram almonds, chopped coarsely
Bake at 180C for 35 minutes.
I shopped the above ingredients at Bake with Yen (available at TTDI market and Taman Mayang). The above ingredients are sufficient to make one big and one small tray of cakes.

27 September 2008

Why I wanted to be an Accountant

I remember that during my primary school, most of my classmates didn't know what to write when our teacher asked us to write an essay with the title "My Ambition".

As for me, I always wanted to be an accountant ever since I learnt math and that's at my pre-school age. Math is so fun and amazing! As a kid, way before schooling age, I always wonder why 1 + 1 = 2, why 2 -1 = 1, etc. I still remember the day I went to school, I looked forward to Math class. I needed to know the magic behind all this addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc and I would pay all the attention to the teacher's teaching.

When I study Math, I did not memorise the formulas. Instead, I learnt to understand the formulas. As a result, I did very well in Math. I always finished the Math test before the time allocated and got A grade for the paper.

And I also remember me asking my teacher "If I like Math and good in it, what occupation should I do?

And that's how I am an accountant today.

23 September 2008

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

We adjourned to Butterfly Park, which is located at the opposite road of Tugu Kebangsaan.
We reached Butterfly Park at about 11am. It was good weather, not sunny. I was apprehensive about entering the park as I don't like butterflies to touch me or even get close to me. The funny thing was Jared refused to enter the park and I had to persuade him that butterflies are beautiful.

Jalan Cenderasari
Taman Tasik Perdana
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 26934907, 26934799
Open daily from 9am to 6pm.

The entrance fee is RM8 for adult (RM18 for foreigner) and RM4 for children. As we had Jusco card, it is free entrance for children.

I took lots of photos in the park. This is one of the beautiful and colourful one.

This is our National Butterfly, Raja Brooke (Troides brookiana).

We bought fish feed at RM1 per packet. There's a fish feeding hut cum resting area. There's even 2 wall fans at the rest area.

Big crowds of fish swam over as Hubby and Jared poured the food to the pond.

There's also lots of turtle on other pond.

When we were at the Butterfly Park on last Sunday, we were the only Malaysian visitors there. Lots of foreigners, especially photographers. It's a shame that locals do not appreciate some of the wonderful places we have close to home especially on a wonderful Sunday.

Tugu Peringatan Negara (National memorial or Monument)

For a change, we decided not to take the kids to a shopping mall over the weekend. Hari Raya is around the corner and shopping malls will be packed with our Malay friends shopping for the Big Day.

I suggested to go to Lake Garden on Sunday. Our first stop was at Tugu Peringatan Negara, also known as Tugu Kebangsaan (National Monument

I am not good with history. As such, I do not have much facts to write about the National Monument but photos to share.

This is the entrance to the monument.

This place is open for public from 7am to 6pm daily and there is no entrance fee to the monument.

Pond located at the walkway to the monument.

This monument is to commemorate those who gave their lives in the fight against the communist.

Our next stop was at the Butterfly Park. I will share those beautiful photos of butterflies in my next post.

19 September 2008

My Life as an Accountant

Hubby logged in to my blog yesterday and asked "Why no new post for today?". I told him I did not have anything interesting to write.

Then he asked "How about the share market, US market collapsed, etc? Since you are an accountant and ex-financial planner, you may share your knowledge in this area."

Yes ... why not?

I'd been an auditor for almost 7 years with a big 4 audit firm, an accountant with MNC for 11 years and financial planner for a year. And I've been a Publishing Manager for a wealth planning book. I should share my experience and knowledge and while sharing, hopefully, I will be able to give this gift from God back to the society, not that I am an expert in this field, but something is better than nothing, right?
I hope to share:
  1. Why I wanted to be an accountant?
  2. Challenges of study ACCA on part time basis while worked as an auditor
  3. My 7 years of audit experience with big 4 audit firm
  4. My brief but good experience as a Financial Planner
  5. Book Publishing experience (my dedication to upcoming author, Ng Tsu Mae)
  6. Why I came back to corporate life?
  7. My wish list ... to write a book!

So, look out for my coming posts. Thanks to my hubby for the wonderful suggestions.

16 September 2008

My love will get you home

I first heard of this song "My love will get you home" when I was watching Astro Wah Lai Toi TV show "Heart of Greed".

I like this song very much. The song is sang by Christine Glass and it is a very soothing song and it goes so well with this romantic TV show.

Last Saturday, I finally bought the CD at Popular at RM26.50 (less 10% discount for member). I've been listening to the CD since then. The funny thing is Jared doesnt like this song. He always say "Mommy, please dont play that sad song".

This CD by Sony BMG has 18 favourite TV drama inspired songs:

  1. My Love Will Get You Home - Christine Glass The reason I bought this CD
  2. Because of You - Kelly Clarkson My other favourite
  3. Purest Of Pain - Son by Four
  4. Everytime - Daniel Lee
  5. No Promises - Shayne Ward
  6. Superwoman - Jacyln Victor Jacyln is so talented, I like her verson of Superwoman
  7. True Colors – Cyndi Lauper Known by most people, you surely sing along with Cyndi
  8. Angels Brought Me Here - Guy Sebastian
  9. Only Love - Trademark
  10. Without You - Same Same featuring Jaclyn Victor
  11. Shape of my Heart - Backstreet Boys
  12. I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears
  13. Before I Fall In Love - Coco Lee
  14. Valentine - Jim Brickman & Martina McBride
  15. Angel – Sarah McLachlan
  16. Heaven Knows - Daniel Lee
  17. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden Favourite song for wedding
  18. Bonus Track, Vincent (Live) – Don McLean - Another song often played in "Heart of Greed" show but I didn't quite like this version of it

15 September 2008

Hayley and her "Kiasu Mom"

My good friend from dancing school time, Amy has started blogging as well. She has recently given birth to a baby girl, Hayley and created a blog about her girl and life as a new mom.

Amy worked as a part time dancer and always appear on Astro shows (as dancer to singing competition, Beauty pageant, etc). Otherwise, she is the regional manager with a MNC + Hayley's mom.

I made this card for Amy and her baby, Hayley, along with a pink dress as a gift for her full moon.

A few days ago, I received a surprise email from Amy. She sent me an email together with this photo of Hayley in the pink dress. How time flies. Hayley is 7 months old now.
I am glad that Amy and Hayley like the gift, appreciated it and took the trouble to email me the photos.
Thank you, Amy. Keep up the good work as a new mom.

14 September 2008

Tumble Tots

We like Tumble Tots as we had good experience with Jared who attended Tumble Tots classes when he was 2 years old. We noticed that Jared became more confident. Tumble Tots builds confidence and personality development through play.

We started sending Jaden to Tumble Tots in August 08, after he started to walk confidently. We sent him to the "Walking to 2 Years" class.

I sent Jaden for a trial class first. The trial class is at RM25 per session and if you signed up on the day itself, the fee will be waived. For the first time payment, I paid in total RM485.
  • Enrolment fee RM20
  • Annual membership RM80
  • Refundable deposit RM100
  • Quarterly term fee RM285.

As I signed up during the Merdeka Carnival sale, we got 4 months (1 month free) for the Quarterly term fee.

As there are a few classes in a week, do choose the day and time that is suitable for your child. Avoid their napping and eating times.

The class duration is 45 mins, once a week. The first 20 mins is free play and for the children to explore the different stations ie Climbing, Balancing, Agility and Co-ordination. Children must be accompanied by parents, though some parents sent their maid to the class. I remembered Reihan told me that she encouraged parents, instead of maid, to accompany their children to the class. This is to encourage bonding, getting to know your child better, support, better communication, etc.

Jaden's favourite stations, crawling through the box. I remembered during his first few classes, he wouldn't do this.

After the free play, its the Opening Circle time. Children will be introduced to all the kids and waived at each other.

Then, they will do Rhyme and Action Songs. The children touching their noses.

More rhyme and action songs ie tap on the floor, body rocking, etc

This flying sponge is to encourage co-ordination.

At the end of each class, children will be given a sticker as encouragement for achievement for the class. Each week, different sticker will be given out. This week the sticker is "Tumble Tots are Magic".

For more information on Tumble Tots, do visit their website at

11 September 2008

My Blog

When I first started this blog, I invited family members and close friends to visit my blog and give comments and suggestions for improvement.

To my surprise, a majority of them asked “"Why are you so free? Where you find the time to do all these?" It sounded like I have nothing better to do.

I felt discourage and stopped blogging for awhile. To me, life is short and people come and people go. I just wish to capture all the special moments and memories in my blog and share with my families and close friends, especially those who are far away.

I must say I am a determine person. Once I am set into doing something, I’ll find the time and the way to do it. Everybody has 24 hours a day and being a working mother of 2 sons, its almost impossible to have much time left for other things. I find time by cutting down on TV time and even sleeping time. We just have to priorities and set objective. If you have a will, you’ll have the way.

Of course, I do receive some positive, encouraging words from my friends. I would like to mention them here. These are to remind me to keep going.
“Quite impressive blog leh…After reading your blog, I realize that the blog is actually quite useful to journal our events and share with friends and relatives. Great! Keep it up! I don’t think that is what your friend mean lah.."you have nothing better to do”…. If that is really what they say, then it is so insensitive of them. Strike that person off your friends’ list. ” Christina, ex-colleague from Coopers & Lybrand, now family best friend.

“Well done! It is good to spend time in literary pursuits, what more if is to write about your dearest and best. Way to go.

What sad people they are to make comments that are not helpful. Don’t worry about them.

Like you (or your friends), I do not seem to have much time to do wht I really like, but once in a while, I will find time for what I like to do, even if it meant I sleep a little less or play a little less. What you did is beautiful and a great expression of art in a personal and special way. You must keep it up.

For me, I work from 830am to almost 900pm every night, it is not a great way to work, but I really love what I do and want to do more. Too bad I have to sleep! Anyway, inspite of the crazy hours, I still find time to write letters (handwritten), be a coach or mentor to university students, make cards, and call my friends. You just express yourself differently, and just as meaningful.

Take care - you dear girl and keep up your good work. I like the start of your blog, what jared and jaden mean. I didnt even know that” Siew Quen, ex-school mate from Victoria Institution, CFO Asia June 2006 Feature story, currently residing in HK.

10 September 2008

My First Order

Hooray, I got the first order of my Scrapbook work!

It is from Nicole. She saw the frame that I made for Susan's baby, Jayde and liked it. Her ex-staff was getting marry and she would like to give him a memorable gift and thought of the scrapbook that I made for Jade. Thanks Nicole for the support.

This is the work that I created. I got the material from Memories, 1 Utama old wing. I used the "Wedding" collection of paper, alphabetical chips and flowers. As the alphabetical chips set do not have "&", I used a smaller flower to represent "&". Yan & Ching are the groom and bride's names. Then, I framed the scrapbook using Ikea box picture frame.

Congratulations to Yan & Ching and I wish them "Together Forever"!

08 September 2008

Susan and baby Jayde

A year ago, I was so happy when Susan smsed me and inform me that she was pregnant.

We shared a lot about pregnancy and life being a mom. Of course, I did share with Susan my new found hobby too ... Scrapbooking. I was telling her about baby scrapbooking and album, announcement card, etc. Susan liked the idea and ask me to make announcement card for her. I encouraged her to try it out herself and she did. In fact, she did a wonderful job.

Nicole and I visited Susan two weeks after she gave birth to Jayde. I gave Susan a baby girl scrapbook kit for her to start off with her baby's album.

Susan invited us to Jayde's full moon party. I decided to make something for her baby, Jayde. I took a day off from work, went to Papier, brought Jayde's photo along with me, matched pattern papers and embellishments at Papier. Thanks to the friendly staff at Papier that I managed to create the above page. As I have 2 boys, I don't get to make sweet, pink scrapbook. Its good to see this pink creation for a change and I was thrilled with the results.

I framed the page using Ikea frame. I like this frame a lot cos it’s a box frame and it is most suitable to frame scrapbook as the box frame allows 3D pictures and dimensions.

At the full moon party, Nicole surprised Susan, me and almost all of Susan's guests at the night with her wonderful creation.

She made this beautiful, cute, milk bottle shape cake with Jayde's name on it. Initially, I thought Susan ordered the cake from an expensive cake shop. Nicole has such a good talent.

Susan, Nicole and myself are accountants. And who said "Accountants are square"? We are such a creative accountants, not just in figures but cake, craft and cards too!

06 September 2008


Nicole called me and she's wondering if she should send her daughter, Claire to Kumon. Claire is same age as Jared. They will be 5 years old in October.

We sent Jared to Kumon since Jan 07, when he was 3 years and 3 months old. At that time, Jared was the youngest student at Krista Sri Damansara.

Hubby wanted Jared to pick up his maths now, so as he has lesser subjects to cope when he goes to primary school. Hubby explored and compared with other Maths centre, he talked to friends, surf on the net, etc. We went to Kumon open day and attended the briefing session. Finally, we selected Kumon as Kumon emphasise on independent and self discipline, which were what we wanted Jared to build up.

Kumon emphasised on adherence to standard completion time on large number of worksheets. This requires good concentration ability and also good learning habits.

This is extremely difficult with children of young age when their attention span is short and easily distracted.

With Jared, we went through lots of challenging time with him on his Kumon worksheet. It was hard for him to stay focus and complete the entire worksheet for the day, not to mention to complete it within the standard time. He would do a few pages of the worksheet, ran around, continue with the worksheet, stopped and play, etc. During holiday, we have to bring the daily worksheet with us and ensure he complete the worksheet everyday. There were lots of nagging and trying to ensure Jared complete the worksheet within the time frame was extremely challenging and stressful.

Many times, we always tell ourselves that after all, he's just a kid and we didn't want to push him too hard. We talked to him, persuaded him (by trade off with PSP, TV shows, etc), be supportive and patient with Jared. After a period of time, these self discipline and independent quality translated to self-compete and desire to advance quickly.

Parents contribute a significant role in order for the kids to benefit from this Kumon program. Our kids need our support and patient for them to go through the initial challenging period.

For more information on Kumon, do visit their website at

01 September 2008

Kids Day on Merdeka Holiday

I haven't seen my niece and nephews for 2 weeks+. Since today is a public holiday, I decided to invite them over to my house for lunch and Lego session.

Eu Yang & Eu Herng came to our house at 11am+. As Eu Ting (8 months old) is not feeling well, my sister is unable to join us. Her husband dropped their kids at our house. While waiting for Jaselyn & Darren to arrive, I let Eu Herng to work on the "Junior Travel Pad" which I bought it from MPH 1 Utama and Eu Yang played PSP and Nintendo Wii with Jared.

Even my 1.5 years old boy, Jaden mimic the boys and played the Wii.

Jaselyn and Darren reached my house at 1pm. For lunch, I prepared bruschetta. I mixed mushroom, tomato, parsley, garlic & fried it lightly with olive oil, pepper and salt. Then, I applied them on cut pieces of french loaf and toast them for 5 minutes. The result is crunchy bruschetta which serves as a good appetiser.

We cooked 2 types of pasta, the tomato and creamy based spaghetti.

Glad that the kids enjoyed the food.

Right after lunch, I gave them the Bionicle Lego sets bought during Lego warehouse sales. Darren is very good and he is the fastest in fixing up his red Toa Jaller.

Eu Yang is the 2nd in fixing up his green Toa Kongu.

Jaselyn worked with Jared on yellow Toa Hewkii.

The results are 3 Bionicle characters and happy "Boys". Hubby printed these photos for Darren and Eu Yang using his Sony Digital Photo Printer.

I decided to make scrapbook with Jaselyn. These are the photos taken during New Year 07 countdown at A&W, Amcorp PJ.

After the play, we had red bean and ice-cream for tea time.

Except for Eu Herng, who left earlier, the kids wanted to stay longer at our place. They played badminton, the Bionicles, more PSP and of course, more Wii.

As can be seen here again, Jaden still wanted to play with Wii and with Darren and Eu Yang playing Wii tennis game, it was extremely dangerous for him to stand behind them.

We had earlier dinner at 6pm as Jaselyn had her music class at Yamaha at 8pm. My niece and nephew left my house with the Bionicle toy, scrapbook and photos at 7pm.

We are very tired babysitting the kids for my 2 sisters. Albeit this, we all have a good day. Kids' laughter are always our happiness!