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26 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year 2009

I always love Chinese New Year. That's the time that I'll see lots of my family members, relatives and friends.

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and may the Year of Ox brings us Happiness, Good Health, Abundance of Wealth and Great Success in everything that we do!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

20 January 2009

Chinese New Year, Year of Ox - Decorations

I always go to Sg Buloh nursery to buy pots of flowers and plants for CNY.

A week before CNY, I took a day off from work to go to the nursery, while Nina was spring cleaning the porch area to prepare for nice pots of flowers and plants. I don't like to go there on weekend as the place will be crowded with people and the service and attention from the nursery staff will not be as good.

The nursery recommended me to buy "Kat Cai" as this year's economy is not good. According to her, this year they sold lots of Kat Cai. This is my first year buying "Kat Cai" for CNY.

I bought this plant as I like its posture ... standing tall and glory.

These are so beautiful! I like the colours, the shape of the flowers and the joyous feeling that they bring.

Flowers in full blossom and Spring is in town. Thank you flowers, you bright up our lives!

Some greenery as well. I brought my own pots and asked the staff at the nursery to pick plants/flowers that match all the pots that I brought there. The staff were very helpful and they did a good job in picking and transferring all the plants and flowers into my own pots.

Money plant ... a good feng shui for the house.

I also bought 3 hanging flowers pots. In total, I spent RM156 for all the above plants and flowers, excluding my own pots.

My little garden looks so beautiful now.

Red cloth to tie the living hall curtain.

Cushion covers that I bought from my recent Beijing trip. They match the sofa and curtain perfectly.

Wine bottles dressed in cheong sum covers and "kam" from 4th auntie. The wine bottle covers were bought by her from Shanghai a few years back. They still look very nice and new as we only use them once a year during CNY.

  • Cookies from Klang auntie, who made and sell cookies during CNY.

  • Chocolate chips cookie baked by me, recipe from Nigella, recommended by my sister.

  • Soya crackers from Section 17 market.

  • Spices muruku from 7th auntie who bought 5 packets for me from Penang.

  • Almond, cashew and pistachio nuts from dad.

Ox soft toys from Beijing.

Look at these lovely "OX" angpow packets ... very cute!

OCBC bank always produce very nice angpow packets. These collections are from Msia and Spore branches over the last few years.

Angpow packets from Tumble Tots. We used them for Jared and Jaden's angpows.

19 January 2009

Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort

As a shareholder of Genting Berhad, I was given 2 accommodation vouchers for free stay at First World Hotel (3 star, deluxe room) or Awana Genting (5 stars, double deluxe room).

Hubby preferred to stay in Awana Genting. As it was peak season, there's surcharge of RM100 per room per night on the hotel accommodation.

We checked in on 30 Dec 08. This is the double deluxe room that we stayed in. Its a very spacious room and was really suitable for us as we have 2 boys.

My deepest impression on Awana Genting Highlands Resort is its Rajawali Coffee House. My eldest sister had brought us there for afternoon tea and I really enjoyed the fresh mountain air and unobstructed view of the golf range and highlands view.

Whether you stay at Awana Genting or go up to Genting Highlands, I highly recommend to stop by Rajawali Coffee House for tea. Sit at the balcony, order their scone and pot of English tea. My 76 years old dad loved the entire experience when we brought him there for afternoon tea.

The other reason that we liked to stay at Awana Genting is its indoor swimming pools and the water was warm.

The kids had great time swimming and playing in the pool. We didn't have to worry that the kids would catch cold as the water was warm and nice.

My sister and I sat beside the pool to rest and relax, while watching over the kids. It was a total relaxation and refreshing break for us.

The 2 spidermen, Jared and Eu Herng, decided to race against each other in the pool.

Jared had the advantage of heading the race as he goes for swimming classes.

The kids also blow bubbles, after a long tired swim and play in the pool.

Thank you to Genting Highlands for the free hotel accommodation vouchers. We'll surely go back to Awana Genting Resort as it offers great stay for the adults and kids.

One more thing reserved to comment ... the staff at Awana Genting Resort are very warm and friendly.

Log on to their website to find out more information about Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort and its other resorts ie Awana Kijal and Awana Porto Malai Langkawi.

18 January 2009

Genting Highland Dec 08

During the Dec 08 school holiday, we decided to take the kids up to Genting Highland. We invited my sister and her family and decided to bring my niece and nephew along for the kids to have fun at the theme park.

We reached Awana Genting Resorts early, at 11am+ and the rooms were available for us to check-in while house-keeping was still cleaning up the rooms. We left our luggage in the rooms and proceed to Genting Theme Park ticketing counters. There were lots of people there and with long queue. We bought 2 family package (at RM125 each for 2 adults, 2 children) + 1 adult (RM38) and 1 child (RM27) tickets for the outdoor theme park.

While waiting for the elder boys on Thrill Rides, we brought Jared and Jaden to the newly opened, Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland. Its all about chocolate and photo taking.

We persuaded Jared for a long, long time before he was willing to take a ride on the Rodeo Rider and experience the wild wild west!

The only Thrill Rides that the kids took was the Spinner, a whirlwind adventure that take you to breathtaking new heights of excitement with 48 individual seats, oscillates and tilts rides that can rise up to 8 feet, with speed of 3.5 meters per second for 90 seconds.

The kids were so hungry under the chill weather and we had lunch at Marrybrown Fried Chicken. The fried chicken was so yummy under the cool weather. We enjoyed 10% discount with Genting Worldcard.

A long queue, long waited Monorail ride. I'm not sure if its worth it for the much time wasted on waiting for the monorail. Its basically a train ride offering a scenic view of the lake and the overall Outdoor and Indoor Theme Park in full panoramic colour.

Some of the views from the monorail:

Flying Jumbo, a joyride on cute flying baby elephants. There were a total of 16 units with capacity of 2 per unit at speed of 1 - 7 rpm for 3 – 5 minutes.

Kids surrounding clown for balloons.

Jared and EH had bumping thrills on the Junior Bumper.

Gigantic bugs spin around on the Busy Bug carousel. Jared didn't like this spin at all. To him, its too kiddie.

A totally tired group of people, catching up energy and warm on wafer, steam corn, etc.

Double Deck Carousel

This magical 11-metre marvel that's in the Guinness Book of Records for the most number (1,001) of coloured lights! With a patented design that includes an incredible horizontal steam engine and organ. Riding on a proud white charger, a fiery black stallion or even a mystical chariot in

This photo was taken from our car, while on our way back to Awana Resorts for freshen up.

We had our dinner at Lake View Seafood Restaurant located on the 2nd Floor of First World Hotel.

Fried squid.

There's 30% discount on Genting vouchers with this restaurant and after discount, the bill came out to RM171.45.

After dinner, the kids wanted to play at the Indoor theme park, which is located in the same hotel. We bought additional 6 tickets for pay per ride at RM8 each.

Total spend on theme park is RM363. KK was right. We should have bought All Park tickets as the additional charge was not significant and yet the kids could have unlimited rides at the Indoor theme park.

On return, we logged in to Genting website and found out that its cheaper to purchase theme park tickets online. We could enjoy 10% discount on online purchase and plan activities and schedule ahead. Never mind, lesson learned for the next theme park outing.

01 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Fireworks exploded in the sky for 2009 New Year celebration. Sms of New Year greetings, well wishes and blessings reminded me of the good things and unpleasant things that happened in 2008.

The forecast of the current economy situation is heading off into winter without knowing when spring would come, with all the doom and gloom. For every bad, there’s good and for every red, there’s black. Hopefully, this new year will bring a new beginning with new hopes, fresh ideas and lots of great happenings.

Life is short, forgive and forget, love truly and laugh uncontrollably. Let's remember to count our blessings, have self realization, acceptance, faith and gratitude for a happy family, great friends, good health and peace … all those things that we sometimes take for granted.

As for me, I’m extremely pleased that in Aug 2008, I’ve finally had my own blog, a place for me to pen down and treasure the memories that I have with my family and friends.

I also baked more often, ever since melamine was found in most dairies products. I have since baked marble cheese cakes for Christina’s birthday, 7th uncle 60th birthday, hubby’s birthday and Charissa's baby full moon celebration, butter cake for afternoon tea with guests at home and Jared’s Yamaha concert day, Bull’s eye cheesecake for Christmas dinner at Christina’s house, Chocolate cheesecake for Christmas lunch at Fei Yin’s house, etc I am totally satisfied that I am able to bake cakes for my family and friends and that they did enjoy my cake as well. Thanks to my sister, Saw Cheng and also to Christina and Jo for the sharing sessions … the recipes, the baking utensils, the cakes, the comments, etc.

For career, I am glad that I have 2 capable managers who are of great help and assistance. I am able to delegate more finance daily operations matter and accounts closing routine to them and allow myself to involve in more business discussions, meetings and be closer to our business. I had a few compliments from my boss for being closer to business and operations and appreciated me for taking his instructions and discussion seriously, as I always note down the discussion points and follow them through. I do not expect a great salary rise or promotion in this current economy situation but I am glad and blessed with a good job.

In Oct 2008, we had a big and great gathering with ex-colleagues from Coopers & Lybrand to Hyatt Kuantan, ie 7 families of 7 ex-Cooperians, 6 spouses, 9 kids and 3 maid.

Yesterday, we went to Genting with my sister family and niece and nephew for the kids to have fun at the theme park. The last time that I went on a holiday trip with my sister was more than 5 years ago.

We are sad for losing our Cousin in Jun 2008 and also a friend in Dec 2008, both lost their lives to lung cancer at the age of 30s, non-smoker.

I would like to wish all my family members, friends, colleagues and the universe a very Happy New Year, blessed with good health, good fortune and good luck in everything that we do. May all that was sad and unpleasant be your source of strength. May all that was good, be better in 2009.

Treasure the memories of 2008 and make 2009 an even better year!