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01 November 2008

Digital SLR and My Best Friend's Hubby's Birthday

Christina is a sweet lady and she always is. Her hubby, Yuan Hui's birthday was in Oct 08. She invited us to her house for dinner. This time round, Christina cooked dinner for all of us ... 3 families!

Recently, Yuan Hui is into photography. During our Kuantan trip, he was toying with his SLR digital camera and took quite a number of good shots. Hubby suggested to get him a book on SLR photography.

Hubby browsed through photography books in Popular Book shop in 1 Utama and bought this book "Mastering Your Digital SLR ... How To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Camera".

Hope Yuan Hui would like this book and find good tips on digital SLR.

I made this card cum book mark to go along with the gift.
I used 2 different pattern papers for the front and back of the card. I printed one black and white photo and another colour photo of Yuan Hui (taken in Kuantan while he was concentrating in photo shooting with his SLR camera) and glued it to the card. The tab on top of the card is to be used as a book mark.

Birthday boy shooting the cup cakes made by his beloved wife, Christina and chocolate cake brought by his best friend.

Christina lighting up the candles on the cakes.

Lovely cakes from lovely wife ... the best birthday gift!

Hubby teased me that I didn't cook and invite close friends over for dinner on his birthday, as Christina did for her hubby. Christina, you've set such a high standard for wives to meet.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday best friend's hubby.