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09 October 2008

My in-laws from Segamat

Last Thursday, I was telling my hubby that Jin and family had not visited us for a long time. On the same day, I was thinking that my mom in-law should see how Jaden has grown and mischievous he has became.

The following day, hubby called me at work and said Jin called him and would be coming to KL on Sat and Sun and mother in-law was coming along to see the grand children. We were so excited about it.

I started planning what to cook for lunch and dinner while they were at our place. Nina and I went to TTDI wet market on Sat morning and bought all the ingredients that we required for the meals.

My mom in-law loves vegetables and we stir fried the vege with garlic.

I was reading the Jaya Jusco's Pearl magazine and saw the ingredients for the above Tofu, broccoli, kai lan and water chessnut. This is the 2nd time we cooked this dish.

Mother in-law bought these lemang on the way from Segamat. We had eaten half of them before I remembered taking the photos.

I bought the home made rendang spice from TTDI market. Its so simple to cook this dish. We just need to add santan, chicken, curry leaves and let the water slowly dry out. The nice aroma from this rendang chicken made us felt so hungry.

Since the children can't eat the rendang chicken, we fried chicken wings for them. The kids loved it so much.
I also obtained the recipe for the above prawn oats from Pearl magazine. I doubled the amount of oats as Jared loves the crunchiness of the oats. Again, another kids' favourite dish ... and the adults too.

Yie Thern said "This is the best dinner that I've ever had". According to his parents, he said that almost all the time when he had good meals.

Playing Wii is always in our niece and nephews agenda when they are at our place.

Look how Jared was so focus and into this tennis game.

And ... so was the big one!

On Sunday morning, we went to The Curve for shopping. Jo bought "Danny and the Dinosaur" book for Jared and "Quack Quack Maisy" travel book for Jaden from Borders. Hubby bought "Walle's Construct and Play" for Yie Thern and High School Musical for Jilian from MPH. The kids were so happy with the books.

Initially, Jin was having problems to construct Walle. Both of them look so serious. Genius at Work?

Finally, Walle was constructed and Yie Thern was very happy with the book and toy.

Jo bought this book for herself from Borders. She had been looking for this book "A New Earth, Awakening to your life's purpose" by Eckhart Tolle for awhile. According to Jo, she got to know about this book from Oprah's Book Club.

Mom in-law followed her friend to visit orphanage and did cleaning work for the centre. She always do charity work as she believe the good deed will do good for her children and grand children.

We celebrated Jin's birthday in advance of his birthday and had the cheese cake and coffee/tea. We almost finished the entire cake. I packed the balance of the cake for mom in-law to bring back to Segamat.

I was totally exhausted from the lunch, cake baking and dinner preparation work but I felt good as they enjoyed the food!

We all had a great time and they left KL in the evening.


Kiasu Mom said...

You must teach me how to cook la... In my home, my hubby is the chef but we always cook simple stuff only... :-(

Anonymous said...

get a new and better chef, that's easier than learning at this age.