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10 October 2008

I liked it when my senior went on long study leave

Most seniors went on long study leave to prepare for her ACCA exam in Jun 89. I did not sit for any papers as my first ACCA exam was in Dec 89.

And ... it was great! Lots of work, sense of achievement, satisfaction and I felt important too :)

During their absence, our boss would work with us on daily work. As we were following up on their files during the absence of seniors, there were lots of questions ... where, why, when, how, etc. My very first senior was not willing to teach or even share information with us.

As we reported directly to the boss, we learnt a lot during that period + stress + the need to impress boss!

Finally, the seniors came back from their exams in 2nd week of Jun 89 and work went back to before. Boss hardly approached or talk to us anymore after that.

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Ohaiogozaimasu said...

Ravi was ultra supportive towards a certain cause, IIANM.