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06 October 2008

Gift ideas for children birthday

I’ve never like to give snacks and tit bits as party pack, especially nowadays with so many products affected by the toxic chemical, melamine. We are not sure which products are safe to be consumed and which are not.

Hubby and I went to Becon and bought Faber Castell and Stabilo stationery sets. Each set comprises of 12 2B pencils, rubber and sharpener in a clear case. To personalise the party pack, I made name tag for each of Jared’s classmates and his teacher using animal die cut and rubber stamp (refer to my earlier post on Craft Puncher and Die Cuts).

I asked Jared to write his classmates’ names on each of the cards and we inserted the name tags into the pencil cases.

I hope the children will not be disappointed that there are no snacks or tit bits but serious writing tools.

Children, hope you'll like this gift!

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