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06 September 2009

Genting Highland Sep 09

Hubby bought Michael Learns to Rock’s (MLTR) Eternity Concert tickets which was held in Arena of Stars, Genting Highland.

As Monday is a public holiday, we booked a night stay in Awana Genting using Genting vouchers. Hubby paid RM60 for the surcharge for shoulder period.

We reached Awana Genting at 3.15pm on Saturday as both Jared and Jaden had their classes. We were upset when told that our room on non-smoking floor was not ready yet. It would take another hour for the room to be ready and they offered a temporary room in smoking floor for us to wait and rest. After checked in, we noticed the room is quite noisy and it was inconvenient for us to unpack and pack. Hubby complained to the front desk as the check-in time is at 3pm and there’s 3 hours for the house keeping to clean up their rooms and he requested to speak to their manager. Immediately, we were offered a room in non-smoking floor facing golf view. That was a surprise to us. The room just got ready within minutes.

The view from our hotel room.

This trip to Genting was a little different. After checked in to our room and had coffee and cupcakes (I brought some cupcakes), we had a swim in the resort.

Thereafter, we visited the new Strawberry Farm and also Mushroom Farm located in Gohtong Jaya. Lastly, we had early dinner at Gohtong Jaya itself.

At night, Hubby and I drove up to Genting for MLTR concert.

The next day, we visited Chin Swee’s Temple and had vegetarian lunch there. Thereafter, we drove up to Genting for the kids to enjoy the theme park rides, since we have the annual passports.

We have stayed in Resorts Hotel and we prefer Resorts Hotel than Awana Genting. Resorts Hotel is more comfortable and the hotel is newer and between walking distance to others attraction places. We did not have to drive up and down between Awana and Genting Highland and look for carpark. It was a challenge to look for carpark in Genting over the long weekend.

On the way down from Genting, we stopped by Gohtong Jaya to buy fresh vegetables and cempedak (had fried cempedak fritters for tea today). We wanted to have strawberry shake, strawberry dipped with chocolate, etc for tea break at the Strawberry Farm but Jaden was asleep in the car.

01 September 2009

Pink Cupcakes for Baby Full Moon

My schoolmate, Andy and his wife, Quin have another baby girl, Kyle. We were invited to their full moon party last Saturday.

I love cupcakes and always wanted to make beautiful cupcakes. Since Kyle is a baby girl, I decided to attempt to make sweet, lovely cupcakes.

For a few nights, I browsed through internet, baking magazines, Wilton book, etc to get some cupcake designs idea and also to look for more information on the right texture and ingredients for butter cream icing. Those nights, I fell asleep on baking books and magazines.

On Friday, I dragged my colleagues to Wilton baking shop located opposite my office during lunch time and bought "Baby Booties" sugar candy.

The next morning, I bribed my hubby to have breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam which was located near to House of Ingredients to buy Wilton Tip 1M (RM7.70), 4 Pastel Icing color (RM22.70), Cupcake baking cups (RM6.50 for 50 paper cups, love these white baking cups as no baking tray is required to bake cupcakes) and ingredients.

I made butter cream icing and a total of 6 designs cupcakes in pink and cream colour, using Wilton tips. Thanks to my sister for letting me experiencing with her Wilton decorating tips.

It was a project for me as this is my very first attempt to make cupcakes as a gift for special occasion. I am quite happy and satisfy with the results as I self-learned these decorations from internet, Q&A, etc. I wanted to attend classes to learn cupcake decorations but didn't get to do it.

Hubby said the cupcakes looked professional and the icing was not too sweet ... hmm hmm.

Neny came to my house the following day and tried the last 2 cupcakes left. She liked the butter cream icing as it was very smooth and not sandy. I was recommended to use glucose instead of icing sugar to obtain smooth texture icing.

Mission completed!