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29 March 2010

Oh! What a Day!

28 Mar 10
Oh! What a Day! When I thought of the list of things that I've to do for the day, its scary! I always ask myself ... why I always rush here and there?

I have obligation as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, as a sister, as a friend, as business partner to my employer and not forgetting ... obligation to I, me and myself! That is to have my personal time, by myself, doing things that I like to do. And I always in a dilemma, is this selfish? Is this too much a request? Is this alright?

In the morning of this Sunday, I went for wet market shopping for family one week meals. Prior to that, I planned the menu for the week and ingredients that I need to buy.

After I came back from wet market shopping, we cooked pomfret soup noodle for lunch. Its our first time trying. Though not absolutely great, its not bad for a first timer. As hubby always say "Its eatable", which means "Its not nice, but can fill up the stomach". To me, this is a great improvement as he used to say "Can you please don't cook?"

At 2pm, I attended Papier mini album scrap booking workshop entitled "Life Story workshop by Wati Basri". I was so happy and glad to see Wati again. I've stopped scrap booking for awhile and this workshop, together with those participants, the lovely papers and layouts, the joy and relaxing atmosphere of scrap booking, reminded me how much I've missed scrap booking. 

After the workshop, I joined hubby and family to have tea at Auntie YC's house. She bought Chi cake and brownies from "Just Heavenly" at Bangsar Shopping Centre. I forgotten to take pictures before those cakes were eaten but only this late piece left.

At 6.30pm, we went down for swim at Auntie YC's house. I did not plan to swim initially, but after seeing how they enjoyed the swim in the nice pool, I went up to change into swimming suit.

Jared loves Auntie YC's roast lamb and a few days ago, he requested his great auntie to cook it for him.
We had mushroom and cauliflower soup with garlic bread and the above sausage and potato as side dishes.

Carrot, capsicum, sweet potato with lots of garlic, herbs and olive oil.

Meat thermometer to check if the meat is cooked and oven thermometer to confirm the temperature of the oven.

Auntie YC bought this rack of lamb from the Gourmet, Bangsar Shopping Centre. The lamb was marinated and roast well that the skin was very crispy and moist.
The fragrant smell from the lamb made Jared very hungry and he can't wait for his Daddy to cut a piece for him.
Jared enjoying his food. We thought Jared the proper way of eating western meal, the way to hold knife and fork and cut meat properly in Western dining.

Thanks to Jared for initiating the request for roast lamb for dinner and thanks to Auntie YC for entertaining his request and had us for tea, swim and the gorgeous dinner.

Lastly, we had this traditional Japanese Umeshu, Choya Royal Honey for after dinner drink.

25 March 2010

Steam Tilapia Fish @ Rawang, Restoran Lan Je

24 Mar 10

My team was out on market survey again ... the 3rd trip and hopefully, the last trip. Having covered Sg Buloh, Rahman Putra, Sri Damansara, Kepong, Damansara Utama, Kota Damansara and Mutiara Damansara the last 2 trips, this time round, we covered Rawang and Selayang areas.

We planned to leave office by 10am, then each and every one of us had something to complete before we could leave the office. By the time we started our journey, it was almost 12pm. Since our first stop for the day was Rawang, the guys suggested to have lunch prior to the important assignment. Salesman being salesman, they are really good with places to eat. They suggested to eat at the famous steam fish in town ... Restoran Lan Je.

We reached the restaurant about 1pm and there were a few group of customers waiting for their tables. After a while, a lady approached us and took our order while waiting for seats. The restaurant sells very limited dishes and their speciality is the steam fish. Not long thereafter, we had our seats.

While waiting for our food to be served, I took a few photos of the restaurant and observed that most of the customers ordered a fish to each one of them. My colleagues told me that their fish is so nice and tender, customers will not mind the waiting and usually ordered a fish to each person. Then, I suggested to order additional fish.

Our food came about half an hour thereafter. In addition to the three fishes, we ordered four angle beans in belachan and kongpo cuttlefish.

The fishes were not too big in size and were extremely yummy with lots of ginger in soy bean paste and steam to perfection. The restaurant only serve one type of fish in one type of cooking ie steam tilapia. The only option available is whether you like the fish to be of normal spiciness or extra. That makes the restaurant able to focus and remain specialise in its speciality.

Look ... how clean were our fishes!

The total bill came to RM80 for the above dishes with 4 rices, 3 Cokes, 2 100 Plus and mineral water.

This Rawang restaurant is the original branch, with other two branches in Balakong and Kota Damansara.

23 March 2010

Police stopped me!

22 Mar 2010

After work today, I went for my Hot Yoga class. After the class, I was so sweaty and hot that my exercise t-shirt was all wet, I changed to a clean spaghetti strap top.

On the way home, there was a road block, which is a common sight nowadays. The uncommon thing is ... I was stopped by the police! After checking my road tax, I was requested by the policeman to pull my car to the side of road.

OMG ... what happened? What have I done wrong? My heart beat faster than Michael Jackson's Beat It.

Another policeman walked to me and asked for my licence. I took out my IC and that's not the right one. I took out my licence with photo on it and that's also not the right one. Finally, I found the renewal licence and gave to the policeman. Thank God, its only expiring in a few years time. Then, he walked over to the left of my car and checked my road tax. Its also not expired yet.

Then, the police said "OK". I said "OK? Then, why did you stop me?" The police said "Nothing, just checking".

Phew .... told you that I don't like driving and I don't like road block too. Not that I've done any offence, but I just don't like the "heart beating" feeling.

Must be the sweaty, hot, tired look after the Hot Yoga!

08 March 2010

Jaden's 3rd Birthday

Jaden's birthday was on Sat, 6 Mar. As he is only 3 years old and the birthday was just after Chinese New Year celebration, I did not intend to have any party or big celebration for him.

On Thurs night, after my company's belated CNY dinner, at 11pm+ I baked lemon butter cupcakes. The following morning, I woke up early to ice the cupcakes. The evening, we had a simple birthday celebration with my sisters and kids at mom's place.
Christina and I planned to visit Elena who had just delivered a baby boy on Sat (Jaden's actual birthday). The group would gather at my place. Since they were coming to our house, I decided to bake cake and invited them for tea before going over to Elena's house.
Hubby suggested to have a simple birthday celebration since friends would be at our house.

Simple birthday decoration put up by Hubby.

Lemon butter cupcakes baked on Thursday, 4 Mar at 11pm+.

Chilled orange cheesecake baked using 2 oranges and 1 lemon. No flavouring or colouring used.

Tiramisu baked in the morning of the birthday tea party.

Taa lah ... not bad huh! Its all about presentation.

Birthday card from "Ku Poh".

Birthday presents from "Ku Poh" and us ... Jaden's favourite toys ie Fire engine and Duplo set.

We had Ku Poh, Christina, Elena and Raymond's families at home. Other than Ku Poh, the others had a surprise when they saw the simple decoration and cakes on the table. We didn't tell them earlier about Jaden's birthday and just wanted friends to sing birthday song and eat cake together.
The kids loved the cupcakes, the adults loved the cheesecake and the strong kahlua taste of the tiramisu.
It was a simple and nice birthday celebration. I'm glad and had a BIG relieve that those cakes turned out well.
Happy Birthday to you, Jaden. May you grow up as a healthy and happy boy. Jaden said "I'm a big boy. I can play PSP".