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31 October 2008

Pirates and Mermaids Party

Claire's birthday is just a few days after Jared's.

Her mother, Nicole is a good baker and also a good party planner. I was waiting for Claire's birthday and eager to see Claire's birthday party.

We received this birthday party invitation card from Claire. The birthday party theme was to be "Pirates and Mermaids Party". This is a very interesting theme.

I made this scrapbook for Claire. Earlier, Nicole had given me a few of Claire's favourite photos. As usual, I went to my friendly Papier staff and came out with the above design.
The theme for this scrapbook is "Sweet Girl" as Claire looked so sweet in these photos. I used 5 different matching pattern papers, rhino die cut, 3 buttons, flower stickers, alphabet die cuts, etc for this "sweet" piecework.
I like the results very much.

As Jared had his school concert in the morning, we went to Claire's party a little late.

The party was held at a park outside their house. The park was decorated with the theme.

Nicole prepared this Pirate hat for the guests.

And these Pirates selvet.

The chief Pirate ie Claire's dad.

Our birthday girl in her mermaid costume. This costume and some of the party flavours were bought from Australia.

This game was to scoop ball with a spoon from a pail and carried to a pail at the other end of the field.

Kids queuing up for the Limbo Rock competition.

Nicole prepared 3 big bags of water balls. Kids throwing the water balls towards the field.

Treasure hunt! Clues were hide around the park and these kids were looking for clues to find the treasure.

The treasure was found. Inside the treasure box were lots of party packs for the boys and girls.

Nicole baked this lovely "Mermaid" cake. She is really good with designing and baking cakes.

All these water tank, pails, rubbish box, etc were labelled.

Albeit the hot weather (the party was held at a park between 11am to 1pm), the party was very well planned and organised with good venue decoration, party flavours, yummy food, games for the kids, good crowd, etc.

The group photos.

Happy Birthday, Princess Claire!

30 October 2008

Krista Concert and Graduation

Krista Concert & Graduation 2008 was held at the auditorium of Sri KDU Primary School in Kota Damansara on Sun, 19 Oct 2008. This is the 3rd year that we attended Krista Concert since Jared went to Krista when he was just 2 years and 3 months old.

The quality of the concert has improved year after year. The principal, Susan, and the teachers have done a good job in organising this concert and graduation event.

Performance by the youngest group, 3 years old called The Shakers.

They looked so cute, especially when they shake their bodies ... Shake, shake, shake.

The Malay dance, Nirmala by the 4 years old students.

Disco Mania, performance by the other 4 years old students. At 4 years old, they danced really well.

The Indian dance, My Valentine by Jared and his classmates of 5 years old.

I remembered the first year I watched Jared performed on the stage when he was just 3 years old. It was such an emotional moment. Tears came rolling down my cheek and at the same time, I was feeling happy too. I cannot imagine how fast time flies, from a newborn baby and then, he performed on stage for us.

Korean Fantasy by the other 5 years old students.
These costumes were so lovely and sweet. Every year, the school comes out with new attractive costumes.

FAN-tastic ... performance by the graduating group, the 6 years old students.

Another performance by the 6 years old ... Wild Wild West!

The Futuristic by 6 years old students.

The Graduation photo.

The finale by all of Krista students.

29 October 2008

Teddy Bear and Table Cards

Thurs, 16 Oct 08
My colleague from the Marketing Department, Wendy had a big launch event. She asked me to make table cards for the event. There were 6 teddy bears and 6 bowls of spices on 6 cocktail tables.

Based on the colour of the teddy bear and bowls, I made these 6 table cards.

This is the first card that I made. The card matches the colour of the spices.

So is this card. Wendy likes this card the most. She likes it being simple and elegant.

This card matches the colour of the bowl.

So is this card. It matches this pink bowl.

These 2 cards match the colour of the teddy bear's cardigan and I missed out the photos of the cards with the teddy bears.

I received compliments from my colleagues on the cards. I was glad that I could contribute in a small way to the Company big launch event.

28 October 2008

Jared and Ben 10

Jared was looking forward to his 5th birthday since a few months back. He had been telling us that he wanted a Ben 10 cake for his 5th birthday.

During Jayde's full moon party, Nicole baked a very nice cake for Jayde. We were very impressed with her cake. Since then, Jared had placed an order of Ben 10 cake with Nicole.
Nicole didn't know what Ben 10 was then as she has a girl and not a boy. Nicole asked around and surfed the internet. Finally, she figured out what the Ben 10 character is. She's a very smart and creative lady. She bought some Ben 10 stickers, traced the picture she selected to create the icing picture and baked this cake for Jared.
Ben 10

Nicole and Jared with the Ben 10 post. Thanks Nicole for making Jared's wish came true and thanks for the lovely cake.

Jared and his classmates. Jared had an earlier birthday celebration (on Mon, 13 Oct 08) in Krista as the school was busy with the year-end concert preparations.

Jared is overjoyed to have his favourite Ben 10 for his birthday cake.

Jared distributing party pack for his classmates.

On his actual birthday, we gave him this Lego set. Under the guidance of hubby, Jared fixed this boat all by himself over 2 sessions.

Birthday gift from Christina and family, a transformer toy.

His grand auntie gave him this "The complete Ben 10 Season 1 to 4" DVDs and also "Ben 10 Race Against Time" DVD. She bought these DVDs from Spore.

27 October 2008

Travel Pillow

We bought this travel pillow from Mothercare at RM44.

Initially, Jared refused to allow us to put on this travel pillow. When he is asleep in his booster seat, his head dropped to the front and he may injure his neck.

We will quietly strap on this travel pillow whenever he falls asleep in his booster seat. It supports his head and Jared would have a good rest, especially on a long car journey.

Now, he loves this travel pillow.

Yik Kee Restaurant (TTDI) Sdn Bhd, Karak Pahang

On the way home from Kuantan, we got out at Karak exit and have tea break at Yik Kee restaurant which is famous for its durian tarts and durian bombs.

Yik Kee Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No. 29 Jalan Besar
28600 Karak, Pahang
Tel: +609-2311240

As we walked in the shop, we saw these durian tarts and durian bombs fresh from the oven, located in shop front.

Most of us prefer the durian bomb (on the right, at RM1.80 each) than the durian tarts (on the left, at RM1.50 each).

As we were hungry, we ordered quite a variety of food to eat and also to try out.
Glutinous Rice dumpling at RM8 each.

This is durian pancake with ice-cream.

Siew Bao at RM1.50 each.

"Sang Mee" noodle at RM16 per plate. As we were so hungry, we ordered 3 plates of this noodle.

"Chun Quen" Spring roll (RM25).

Nicely packed box of 3 durian tarts and 3 durian bomb at RM9.90. I bought a box home for Nicole. Surprisingly, the owner of Yik Kee is the best friend of Nicole's dad.

Yik Kee does have branches at Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Gontong Jaya.