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14 September 2008

Tumble Tots

We like Tumble Tots as we had good experience with Jared who attended Tumble Tots classes when he was 2 years old. We noticed that Jared became more confident. Tumble Tots builds confidence and personality development through play.

We started sending Jaden to Tumble Tots in August 08, after he started to walk confidently. We sent him to the "Walking to 2 Years" class.

I sent Jaden for a trial class first. The trial class is at RM25 per session and if you signed up on the day itself, the fee will be waived. For the first time payment, I paid in total RM485.
  • Enrolment fee RM20
  • Annual membership RM80
  • Refundable deposit RM100
  • Quarterly term fee RM285.

As I signed up during the Merdeka Carnival sale, we got 4 months (1 month free) for the Quarterly term fee.

As there are a few classes in a week, do choose the day and time that is suitable for your child. Avoid their napping and eating times.

The class duration is 45 mins, once a week. The first 20 mins is free play and for the children to explore the different stations ie Climbing, Balancing, Agility and Co-ordination. Children must be accompanied by parents, though some parents sent their maid to the class. I remembered Reihan told me that she encouraged parents, instead of maid, to accompany their children to the class. This is to encourage bonding, getting to know your child better, support, better communication, etc.

Jaden's favourite stations, crawling through the box. I remembered during his first few classes, he wouldn't do this.

After the free play, its the Opening Circle time. Children will be introduced to all the kids and waived at each other.

Then, they will do Rhyme and Action Songs. The children touching their noses.

More rhyme and action songs ie tap on the floor, body rocking, etc

This flying sponge is to encourage co-ordination.

At the end of each class, children will be given a sticker as encouragement for achievement for the class. Each week, different sticker will be given out. This week the sticker is "Tumble Tots are Magic".

For more information on Tumble Tots, do visit their website at

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