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10 September 2008

My First Order

Hooray, I got the first order of my Scrapbook work!

It is from Nicole. She saw the frame that I made for Susan's baby, Jayde and liked it. Her ex-staff was getting marry and she would like to give him a memorable gift and thought of the scrapbook that I made for Jade. Thanks Nicole for the support.

This is the work that I created. I got the material from Memories, 1 Utama old wing. I used the "Wedding" collection of paper, alphabetical chips and flowers. As the alphabetical chips set do not have "&", I used a smaller flower to represent "&". Yan & Ching are the groom and bride's names. Then, I framed the scrapbook using Ikea box picture frame.

Congratulations to Yan & Ching and I wish them "Together Forever"!


Kiasu Mom said...

I love all the scrapbook that you did. And this one is very nice. You've got such talent!

sawleng said...
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sawleng said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for dropping by. Glad that you've started blogging as well. Its good to capture and treasure all the memories of being a mommy and stories about Hayley. She will appreciate it greatly when she grows up.

david santos said...

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Very nice.