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01 September 2008

Kids Day on Merdeka Holiday

I haven't seen my niece and nephews for 2 weeks+. Since today is a public holiday, I decided to invite them over to my house for lunch and Lego session.

Eu Yang & Eu Herng came to our house at 11am+. As Eu Ting (8 months old) is not feeling well, my sister is unable to join us. Her husband dropped their kids at our house. While waiting for Jaselyn & Darren to arrive, I let Eu Herng to work on the "Junior Travel Pad" which I bought it from MPH 1 Utama and Eu Yang played PSP and Nintendo Wii with Jared.

Even my 1.5 years old boy, Jaden mimic the boys and played the Wii.

Jaselyn and Darren reached my house at 1pm. For lunch, I prepared bruschetta. I mixed mushroom, tomato, parsley, garlic & fried it lightly with olive oil, pepper and salt. Then, I applied them on cut pieces of french loaf and toast them for 5 minutes. The result is crunchy bruschetta which serves as a good appetiser.

We cooked 2 types of pasta, the tomato and creamy based spaghetti.

Glad that the kids enjoyed the food.

Right after lunch, I gave them the Bionicle Lego sets bought during Lego warehouse sales. Darren is very good and he is the fastest in fixing up his red Toa Jaller.

Eu Yang is the 2nd in fixing up his green Toa Kongu.

Jaselyn worked with Jared on yellow Toa Hewkii.

The results are 3 Bionicle characters and happy "Boys". Hubby printed these photos for Darren and Eu Yang using his Sony Digital Photo Printer.

I decided to make scrapbook with Jaselyn. These are the photos taken during New Year 07 countdown at A&W, Amcorp PJ.

After the play, we had red bean and ice-cream for tea time.

Except for Eu Herng, who left earlier, the kids wanted to stay longer at our place. They played badminton, the Bionicles, more PSP and of course, more Wii.

As can be seen here again, Jaden still wanted to play with Wii and with Darren and Eu Yang playing Wii tennis game, it was extremely dangerous for him to stand behind them.

We had earlier dinner at 6pm as Jaselyn had her music class at Yamaha at 8pm. My niece and nephew left my house with the Bionicle toy, scrapbook and photos at 7pm.

We are very tired babysitting the kids for my 2 sisters. Albeit this, we all have a good day. Kids' laughter are always our happiness!


Chai KK said...

Ha Ha, first to leave message in your blog. The kids really had fun, the adults really suffered, especially in preparing those saliva-dropping foods. I can see Annie was bored, and Yee Chow's patience was greatly challenged! Saw Leng, good job, but can still the upcoming hari raya holidays, this time make Satay.
Thanks for the effort, can't wait for the next session.

soh said...

Christina writes....

Wow Saw Leng, you passed off as a great babysitter...good food and great entertainment! Can Hui and I send XL to your place when we go dating some day?!? Hee!Hee!

sawleng said...

Thank you for dropping by and leave comments here.

Though its nice to organise and host activities at home occasionally, its also nice to be invited for nice home cook meal, yummy cake and chat over cup of coffee.

I'm sure we'll have great time too. Yes, we should do this more often.

Anonymous said...

Annie writes......

I agree with what Chai KK said. I was very bored. But when I see the kids happy I'm also happy. Saw Leng, you did a great job and please keep it up. The kids are waiting for your next plan.
Thanks for your delicious food and we hope that you can make more good food for your next plan.

Darren Chan said...

Thank you Auntie Saw Leng for the Merdeka treat. I had so much fun at your house. I'm looking forward to another treat. Ha, ha, ha.