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06 September 2008


Nicole called me and she's wondering if she should send her daughter, Claire to Kumon. Claire is same age as Jared. They will be 5 years old in October.

We sent Jared to Kumon since Jan 07, when he was 3 years and 3 months old. At that time, Jared was the youngest student at Krista Sri Damansara.

Hubby wanted Jared to pick up his maths now, so as he has lesser subjects to cope when he goes to primary school. Hubby explored and compared with other Maths centre, he talked to friends, surf on the net, etc. We went to Kumon open day and attended the briefing session. Finally, we selected Kumon as Kumon emphasise on independent and self discipline, which were what we wanted Jared to build up.

Kumon emphasised on adherence to standard completion time on large number of worksheets. This requires good concentration ability and also good learning habits.

This is extremely difficult with children of young age when their attention span is short and easily distracted.

With Jared, we went through lots of challenging time with him on his Kumon worksheet. It was hard for him to stay focus and complete the entire worksheet for the day, not to mention to complete it within the standard time. He would do a few pages of the worksheet, ran around, continue with the worksheet, stopped and play, etc. During holiday, we have to bring the daily worksheet with us and ensure he complete the worksheet everyday. There were lots of nagging and trying to ensure Jared complete the worksheet within the time frame was extremely challenging and stressful.

Many times, we always tell ourselves that after all, he's just a kid and we didn't want to push him too hard. We talked to him, persuaded him (by trade off with PSP, TV shows, etc), be supportive and patient with Jared. After a period of time, these self discipline and independent quality translated to self-compete and desire to advance quickly.

Parents contribute a significant role in order for the kids to benefit from this Kumon program. Our kids need our support and patient for them to go through the initial challenging period.

For more information on Kumon, do visit their website at

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