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08 September 2008

Susan and baby Jayde

A year ago, I was so happy when Susan smsed me and inform me that she was pregnant.

We shared a lot about pregnancy and life being a mom. Of course, I did share with Susan my new found hobby too ... Scrapbooking. I was telling her about baby scrapbooking and album, announcement card, etc. Susan liked the idea and ask me to make announcement card for her. I encouraged her to try it out herself and she did. In fact, she did a wonderful job.

Nicole and I visited Susan two weeks after she gave birth to Jayde. I gave Susan a baby girl scrapbook kit for her to start off with her baby's album.

Susan invited us to Jayde's full moon party. I decided to make something for her baby, Jayde. I took a day off from work, went to Papier, brought Jayde's photo along with me, matched pattern papers and embellishments at Papier. Thanks to the friendly staff at Papier that I managed to create the above page. As I have 2 boys, I don't get to make sweet, pink scrapbook. Its good to see this pink creation for a change and I was thrilled with the results.

I framed the page using Ikea frame. I like this frame a lot cos it’s a box frame and it is most suitable to frame scrapbook as the box frame allows 3D pictures and dimensions.

At the full moon party, Nicole surprised Susan, me and almost all of Susan's guests at the night with her wonderful creation.

She made this beautiful, cute, milk bottle shape cake with Jayde's name on it. Initially, I thought Susan ordered the cake from an expensive cake shop. Nicole has such a good talent.

Susan, Nicole and myself are accountants. And who said "Accountants are square"? We are such a creative accountants, not just in figures but cake, craft and cards too!

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