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15 September 2008

Hayley and her "Kiasu Mom"

My good friend from dancing school time, Amy has started blogging as well. She has recently given birth to a baby girl, Hayley and created a blog about her girl and life as a new mom.

Amy worked as a part time dancer and always appear on Astro shows (as dancer to singing competition, Beauty pageant, etc). Otherwise, she is the regional manager with a MNC + Hayley's mom.

I made this card for Amy and her baby, Hayley, along with a pink dress as a gift for her full moon.

A few days ago, I received a surprise email from Amy. She sent me an email together with this photo of Hayley in the pink dress. How time flies. Hayley is 7 months old now.
I am glad that Amy and Hayley like the gift, appreciated it and took the trouble to email me the photos.
Thank you, Amy. Keep up the good work as a new mom.


david santos said...

Great work!!!
Very nice Baby!!!!

treasure memories said...


Just wonder how did you come across my blog.

Kiasu Mom said...

Thank you David for the congratulatory message :-). I am proud of her!

Saw Leng, I guess I dont need to post the dress and the card anymore on my blog [hehe]

Anonymous said...

I love the card girl,you're becoming quite the creative talent!

Your sis-in-law

treasure memories said...

Hi YL,

Thanks for the compliment. I like craft since kids.

The next time that you are back to KL, I promise that I'll make one nice scrapbook for you.

Come back to KL to claim it.