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11 September 2008

My Blog

When I first started this blog, I invited family members and close friends to visit my blog and give comments and suggestions for improvement.

To my surprise, a majority of them asked “"Why are you so free? Where you find the time to do all these?" It sounded like I have nothing better to do.

I felt discourage and stopped blogging for awhile. To me, life is short and people come and people go. I just wish to capture all the special moments and memories in my blog and share with my families and close friends, especially those who are far away.

I must say I am a determine person. Once I am set into doing something, I’ll find the time and the way to do it. Everybody has 24 hours a day and being a working mother of 2 sons, its almost impossible to have much time left for other things. I find time by cutting down on TV time and even sleeping time. We just have to priorities and set objective. If you have a will, you’ll have the way.

Of course, I do receive some positive, encouraging words from my friends. I would like to mention them here. These are to remind me to keep going.
“Quite impressive blog leh…After reading your blog, I realize that the blog is actually quite useful to journal our events and share with friends and relatives. Great! Keep it up! I don’t think that is what your friend mean lah.."you have nothing better to do”…. If that is really what they say, then it is so insensitive of them. Strike that person off your friends’ list. ” Christina, ex-colleague from Coopers & Lybrand, now family best friend.

“Well done! It is good to spend time in literary pursuits, what more if is to write about your dearest and best. Way to go.

What sad people they are to make comments that are not helpful. Don’t worry about them.

Like you (or your friends), I do not seem to have much time to do wht I really like, but once in a while, I will find time for what I like to do, even if it meant I sleep a little less or play a little less. What you did is beautiful and a great expression of art in a personal and special way. You must keep it up.

For me, I work from 830am to almost 900pm every night, it is not a great way to work, but I really love what I do and want to do more. Too bad I have to sleep! Anyway, inspite of the crazy hours, I still find time to write letters (handwritten), be a coach or mentor to university students, make cards, and call my friends. You just express yourself differently, and just as meaningful.

Take care - you dear girl and keep up your good work. I like the start of your blog, what jared and jaden mean. I didnt even know that” Siew Quen, ex-school mate from Victoria Institution, CFO Asia June 2006 Feature story, currently residing in HK.

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Ohaiogozaimasu said...

your youngest boy now has a unsecret admirer in Raymond's daughter.
keeps me and Samantha wondering what makes her wanting to hug your boy so much... probably will grow up macho and sweeps ladies off their feet... good for you & Yee Chow then.