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19 September 2008

My Life as an Accountant

Hubby logged in to my blog yesterday and asked "Why no new post for today?". I told him I did not have anything interesting to write.

Then he asked "How about the share market, US market collapsed, etc? Since you are an accountant and ex-financial planner, you may share your knowledge in this area."

Yes ... why not?

I'd been an auditor for almost 7 years with a big 4 audit firm, an accountant with MNC for 11 years and financial planner for a year. And I've been a Publishing Manager for a wealth planning book. I should share my experience and knowledge and while sharing, hopefully, I will be able to give this gift from God back to the society, not that I am an expert in this field, but something is better than nothing, right?
I hope to share:
  1. Why I wanted to be an accountant?
  2. Challenges of study ACCA on part time basis while worked as an auditor
  3. My 7 years of audit experience with big 4 audit firm
  4. My brief but good experience as a Financial Planner
  5. Book Publishing experience (my dedication to upcoming author, Ng Tsu Mae)
  6. Why I came back to corporate life?
  7. My wish list ... to write a book!

So, look out for my coming posts. Thanks to my hubby for the wonderful suggestions.

1 comment:

Achilles said...

I would recommend (for those who have time):

1. List of 100 things to do before you retire.
2. List of 100 things to do with your kids before they grow up and leave the nest.
3. List of 100 things you would recommend couples to do before having their 1st kid.