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14 July 2012

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012

When I first started blogging in Aug 2008 with the very first post "Memorable Things on a Memorable Day", it was meant as a place for me to treasure my memories of those joyous days, to cherish and remember people I care about and events that I attended. They give me great pleasure and they are very special for me to treasure those memories. It is also a place for me share information and good experience with my family and friends. After all, good things are meant to be shared.

After a while, I find blogging to be very useful. It is like my virtual library, for me to note down important facts and to make reference to them whenever I need, at wherever I am. There were several occasions when my friends asked me about Maid Renewal procedures and also about Kumon. I asked them to refer to my blog. And those were it.

Human lies but Numbers don't lie
When I knew Nuffnang was going to have it's first ever Blogopolis workshop, I signed up for it and surprisingly, Wendy decided to attend the workshop too.

Yes, I was very excited. Counting down to the event.
The set up
 Official Broadband partner, P1 and its Bat Man, The Dark Knight Rises.

Twitter board for the event and competitions.
Wendy and I did not have any Twitter account. By the time, the MC announced the contests and prizes up for grab, we realised that Twitter is a necessarily tool. We signed up for Twitter accounts on the spot and ... we did not win any prizes.

Nicholas Chay, the Country Manager of Nuffnang

Master Class 1: Idea Sourcing and Content Generation

Ken Wooi, Lim Chee Wah (Editor of TimeOutKL) andThe first Master Class was on Idea Sourcing and Content Generation where the speakers shared about key sources of finding blog post idea.
Master Class 2: Opportunities Gained Through Blogging
Huai Bin from sixthseal and Hui Wen from Revel in Me shared about the opportunities gained by them through blogging.
Master Class 3: Blog Design 101
Eric Cruz, Firdaus Haris and Lionel Chin talked about things to note on blog design, its compatibility across browsers, social media and blogs are the new magazine.

For the Master Class 4: SEO & Analytics for Dummies, the session was cancelled as the speaker, James Yeang from Google Malaysia was unwell.

Master Class 5: Building Your Brand
Vivy Yusof from Proudduck and Beautiful Nara talked about understanding brand and what it stands for.
 Sue Anna Joe and Carlos Nizam shared photography tips for blogging.
Prior to this Blogopolis, I have not heard of Wendy Cheng of Xiaxue. She is one of Singapore's top blogger. She shared with us the reasons of her wanted to blog in the first place and her blogging life.
Master Class 8: Using Different Platforms to Optimise Your Blog Traffic

Comic blogger, Ernest Ng together with Maria Elena had fun talking about the different platforms in blogging. This was the session that the MC had no chance to speak.
Premesh from Malaysiakini, Timothy Tiah (co-founder of Nuffnang) and my favourite, Kenny Sia who has won numerous awards for his blog. They talked about the future of blogging in Malaysia.
It was a very informative sessions. The master class topics were well chosen. I wish the discussion session can be more lengthy with more in-depth knowledge sharing.

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