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04 July 2012

Day 6 ... Oh No, Jared is Having High Fever

29 Jun 2012

I went back to work today. It's Friday, the last working day for the week and also the last working day for the month. My colleagues advised me to go back to work on Monday. Not sure if they care for me, wanting me to rest for another day and over the weekend or they were worried that my bacteria would spread to them. But knowing them, the later is likely the reason.

As I've rested for so many days and also it's the last working day of the month, being in Finance line, there are always a lot of work to be done before the month closes.

My boss reminded me to spray our house with Blu Oxy spray to kill bacteria in house surrounding. My friend called and asked me if I feed my family with the Cell Food that I bought from her. She advised me to drop a few drops of Cell Food into a glass of water for drinking. Honestly, I've forgotten that I have these 2 little bottles of savers at home.
Jared woke up with fever of 39.5C. We did not let him go for his tuition. In fact, we asked him not to go to school for the day. But he wanted and we were surprise! We thought he would be happy that he can miss class and all the homework.
Jared went to school. We packed his medicine for him and advised him on the medicine intake.

Jared called hubby at almost 4pm and asked him to pick him up from school. Hubby asked Jared to take the fever medicine in the canteen while waiting for hubby to pick him up.

Last week, he told us that he has been selected to represent his class in a competition where he would play keyboard.

According to Jared, he had school performance competition from 2.40pm to 3.40pm and Jared was the 26th contestants out of 58th contestants for his school standard. Jared told us that he won 1st place and will represent his standard in overall school competition.

No wonder he insisted in going to school. This boy has a very strong determination and we are proud of him.

Fei Yin suggested to give young coconut water to Jared to cool down his temperature. I am very lucky to have these caring friends surrounding me. On the way home, I stopped by a restaurant to buy young coconut for Jared.

Hubby went back to our GP to pick up fever suppository, in case we need it for Jared late at night.

And ... Moch started to have flu and cough.

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