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05 July 2012

Day 7 ... Hubby Fallen Sick Too

30 Jun 12

Jared woke up and told me that he didn’t want to have his tuition as he didn’t want to spread the bacteria to his tuition teacher. I sent a sms to his teacher and told her to cancel the tuition for the day.

In the afternoon after my usual errands, I drove to KL to my favourite temple for prayer. A prayer that I was suppose to go a week ago.

I told the uncle who worked at the temple that Jaden was admitted to hospital and my whole family has fallen sick. He gave me flowers and rice. The flowers are for our bath and the rice is to be mixed with our home rice for daily intake.

At night, Hubby started not feeling well. He has finally lost to the bacteria battle too and fallen sick. With Hubby falling sick too, this strong bacteria had got the entire family to fall sick and had high fever.

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