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29 December 2011

Maid renewal - Passport and Levy

28 Dec 11

It is time of the year again ... maid renewal.We are glad that our maid decided to continue to work with us. This will be the 3rd year that she works for us.

Our maid agent asked us if we require her service. The following are the charges:
  • Passport renewal
  1. Passport charges - RM200
  2. Agent fee for passport renewal - RM200

  • Renewal of permit
  1. Fomema charges - RM190
  2. Levy - RM500
  3. Agent fee for renewal of permit - RM170
We have done the renewal of permit several times by ourselves and we decided to continue doing it. We engaged our agent to do the passport renewal part.

Hubby sent our maid to the agent office at 9am, 6 Dec 11 as maid is required to go to embassy for passport renewal. The agent prepared a simple document on "Agreement of Increase Maid's Wages" and asked Hubby to sign on it. It is required by the embassy for the extension application.

I took the opportunity to ask the agent's counsellor to remind our maid on good working attitude and give her a refresh session to remind her on the right attitude and good working ethics. Our maid was back home after about half a day.
The next thing is to get Fomema medical check up done. On 13 Dec 11, I took a day off from work to clear my leave for the year, went to bank and bought 2 cashier orders:
  1. Fomema Sdn Bhd - RM190
  2. Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia - RM500
Maybank charged RM5 for each cashier order. For the levy payment, the immigration office does accept cash payment.

For the Fomema medical check up:
  1. I downloaded Fomema registration form from Fomema Sdn Bhd and complete the form.
  2. Make copy of maid's passport
  3. Bring the cashier order for registration fee
Hubby dropped me at Fomema office. Based on our previous experience, it took us longer time to find carpark than to get the registration done at Fomema. I reached Fomema office at about 3.25pm and went to the Information counter to queue for number. There were 12 persons ahead of me. My number was called at 4.06pm and I left Fomema office about 4.10pm. I was in Fomema office for about 45 minutes.

Lot G1-G10, Level 3, Block G
Pusat Bandar Damansara
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2094 6188
Fax: 03-2092 5610

On 16 Dec 11, Hubby brought our maid for medical check up at clinic in our neighbourhood which was very convenience for us. We brought our maid's original passport and Fomema documents along.

I checked the Fomema medical check up results online. The medical results was ready on 27 Dec, 11 days after the medical examination date.

Since the medical results was ok, we need to go to the immigration office to get our maid's passport stamped. We brought the original copy of maid's passport and cashier order for levy payment. We went to Pusat Bandar Damansara and were informed by the security guard that immigration office has moved to Sri Hartamas, Jalan Duta. They did not know the full address.

Hubby drove me to Jalan Duta and we guessed probably the immigration office is located in Kompleks Kerajaan. We passed by Kementerian Dalam Negeri and drove towards the IRD office at Kompleks Kerajaan. Then, we were told that the Immigration office is located in Kementerian Dalam Negeri building, which is luckily nearby to the Kompleks Kerajaan.

The immigration office is located at 1st Floor of KDN building. In fact, there were quite a number of government offices in the building. I went to the wrong departments and only got it right after 3 enquiries.

Jabatan Pejabat Imigresen Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Alamat Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN),
No.69,Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Jalan Duta,
Kuala Lumpur
Telefon 03-62012423
Faks 03-62011191

We reached KDN building at about 10.45am and queued for service number with 17 persons ahead of me. I submitted my passport to the staff at "Maid" service counter, paid levy fee at payment counter, submitted the original copy of maid's passport back to the "Maid" service counter for the stamping of permit on maid's passport. We left KDN at about 11.40am.

We are glad that the entire process of maid renewal is done.

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