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13 July 2012

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes ... 2nd Attempt and Tips

After my first attempt of baking Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes, I kept on thinking how to improve the cake better. I browsed and read several blogs on making this cake and also talked to my friend.

While the experience and learning were still fresh in my mind, few days later, I tried baking this cake for the 2nd time.

I only have one mixer at home. In my 1st attempt, I used mixer to whisk egg yolk and hand whisk for egg whites. This time round, I decided to hand whisk the egg yolk and use mixer to beat egg whites.
The result is a much firmer peak of egg whites.

Top: 1st attempt. Bottom: 2nd attempt
In this 2nd attempt, I baked the cupcakes for 20 minutes and those cupcakes look nicer with better rise, more brown and crisp on the top. 

The cupcakes were fluffier and it was much easier for me to pipe whipped cream into the cupcakes. 

Left: 1st attempt. Right: 2nd attempt

For the 1st attempt, I took the cupcakes out from the fridge the following day and dusted the cupcakes with icing sugar. Due to condensation, the icing sugar got wet and melt. The snowy look on top of the cupcakes disappear.

For the 2nd attempt, I wanted to take photos of the cupcakes and as such, I dusted the cupcakes with icing sugar right after I piped the whipped cream. I put the cupcakes into container. The following day, I took the cupcakes out from fridge and the icing sugar did not melt and there was snowy look on top of the cupcakes. This is great! My friend who shared this cupcake with me asked me the same question ie how to sustain the snowy look on top of the cupcakes. I realised this is common issue that most people faced.

After I posted the picture of the 2nd attempt of the cupcakes on my Facebook, I received several good comments on the cupcakes. I did pay attention on the photography angle, background, lighting, etc when I took this photo and the result of the photo was so much better as compared to the 1st attempt photo.

Left: 1st attempt. Right: 2nd attempt
 The 2nd attempt cake has higher height as the cake rise better and much fluffier.

As the cupcakes were fluffier, the whipped cream that I piped also went inside the cake.

Oh ya ... one final tips. During my first attempt of baking this cake, I had sudden visit of guest. So, my Hubby and kids came down and asked for this and that. Whereas in this 2nd attempt, it was just my maid and me and we could bake the cake peacefully in the kitchen without any interruptions in the kitchen. This has proven right several times. We must have a calm and peaceful mind and not rushing and disturbed mind. The cake can sense the mood in the baker and react accordingly.


Quay Po Cooks said...

Congrats on the improvement on the texture of your cakes on your 2nd attempt. I suggest that you do not use icing sugar to dust the top, use snow powde r instead:D Oh, I totally agree that bakes will come out much better without any interruption.

treasure memories said...

Hi Quay Po Cooks,

I am so happy to have you dropping by my humble blog.

Ok, I've not heard of snow powder, will enquire more from bakery shop.

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