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03 July 2012

Day 4 ... Jaden Discharged from Hospital

27 Jun 2012

I woke up this morning with fever of 39.1C.

Hubby called in the early morning and informed that Jaden can be discharge from hospital after his antibiotic drip at 12pm. His body temperature was back to normal. It was such a relief to hear that.

Jaden was still asleep when we reached the hospital at almost 10am. He cried the night before, missing his brother and wanting to go home.

Hubby preparing breakfast for Jaden
When the pediatrician came to the room to check on Jaden, I finally made my complaint to her. Something that I wanted to complain since Day 1 in the hospital but didn't manage to see the pediatrician.

Jaden was admitted to hospital at 5am+. The nurses at the Emergency Unit could not draw his blood for blood test and the blood was extracted by the pediatrician at 10am+. The nurse at the ward interpreted the blood test result wrongly as Jaden had viral fever and no antibiotic was required. Finally, when the pediatrician came at 5pm+, she told Hubby that Jaden had bacteria fever and then only gave the first antibiotic to Jaden in the hospital. I questioned the pediatrician as to why it took the hospital 12 hours to feed Jaden the very first antibiotic, especially to a 5 years old boy who had high, bacteria fever. Don't the hospital knows that it is very important for sick kids to have proper medicine on time?

I cant turn back the clock but I wish the hospital improve on this and don't repeat the same incidence with other patients.

Happy to see him energetic again

Jaden at the hospital cashier settling the hospital bill
The hospital bill came up to RM2.6K+ and I am thankful to my employer who cover my family medical bills under ING too.

Let's Go Home
Home sweet home. Reading his favourite Kokko & May magazine

When we reached home, all of us had a shower to freshen up. Hubby went to sleep and slept till we woke him up for dinner. He was very tired. According to him, he could not sleep well the last few days that he was in the hospital with Jaden. Those nurses came in to check on Jaden every 2 hours to feed him medicine and check on his body temperature.

The medicine from hospital

Jaden had mild fever of 37.5C at midnight.

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