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01 July 2012

Day 3 ... Fever baton passed to me

26 Jun 2012

It was so difficult for me to wake up in the morning. I was feeling weak, drowsy and I knew I was in bad shape. I called Hubby and told him that I was not fit to take over from him to take care of Jaden in the hospital.

After medicine, I brought Jared and Moch to visit Jaden in the hospital. I’ve to drop clothes for YC in hospital as I was supposed to take care of Jaden in the hospital. It was so difficult to look for car park in the hospital and the public open space parking area.

Hubby informed that Jaden’s fever was up and down yesterday night between 37-39C and the pediatrician still want to monitor him in the hospital for another night.

Jared said "Stay in hospital so nice. No need to do homework. Can play iPad and PSP and watch TV the whole day".

In the evening, I picked up Auntie YC at 8pm from her office as she wanted to visit Jaden in the hospital too.

After we left the hospital, Jaden cried. He wanted to go home and missed his brother. Hubby let him talk to Jared on the phone. Jaden cried "I want you Kor Kor" and Jared said "Don’t cry, tomorrow you will come back".

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