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04 July 2012

Day 5 ... Still not Fit for School and Work

28 Jun 2012

Jaden was not ready to get back to his normal routine. He cried when we woke him early in the morning to get him ready for his kindergarten. As he was still having cough and need to take cough mixture that would make him sleepy, we decided to let him rest at home.

As for me, I had diarrhea and had been going to toilet a few times in a day. The diarrhea and the medicine made me feel drowsy and I was still not fit for work.

The bacteria was so strong that Jared was falling sick too. Together with Jared, we picked up homework for Jaden and then, went to see GP with Jared. According to the GP, Jared had the same bad throat infection.

As for me, the GP said the antibiotic that she prescribed earlier had cause the side effect of diarrhea to me. She changed and gave me another course of antibiotic and changed the cough mixture.

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