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30 June 2012

Day 2 ... admitted to KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

25 Jun 2012

Hubby drove to KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital while I was carrying Jaden on my lap and sponging him. Jaden cried saying he did not want to go to hospital and asked us to go home. I also called ING to inform them of Jaden's high fever and asked them to prepare letter of guarantee to KPJ Hospital.

We headed to the Emergency and Accident Unit. There was a few staff on duty. I carried Jaden down and told them "My son has high fever". There was no rushing and running, unlike those we watch on ER TV show. The staff direct me to a room, asked how old is Jaden, what's his weight, etc.  The nurse gave him fever suppository while I distracted Jaden. There was no cold show but the nurse started to sponge Jaden, more wet than the way I did.

After that, a doctor attended to Jaden. Two options were given to us:
  1. Admit Jaden into the hospital for fever monitoring, blood test to find out the cause of the high fever and to be attended by pediatrician; or
  2. To take Jaden home for own monitoring at home.
We chose Option 1 as we had never experience such a high fever of 40.3C and we would like Jaden to have the blood test to find out the cause of the high fever and to be treated and given the right medicine for his fever.

Thereafter, the hospital proceeded with admission procedures.
6.30am - Jaden was put on nebulizer to clear air way
6.40 am - The nurse attempted to draw blood from Jaden for blood test but failed causing pain in Jaden
Thereafter, the staff brought us up to 2nd floor, the admission ward. Jaden had a single bed room. Initially, Jaden refused to stay in hospital but luckily, there was a television with cartoon channel for him to watch.

I applied for emergency leave from work to take care of Jaden. We wrote down a list of things that we need to pack and bring to the hospital. The first thing came to our mind is iPad. Hubby went back to freshen up and organise things. Pediatrician came to see Jaden at about 10am and said Jaden had acute tonsillitis.

Hubby came back to the hospital with my mother in-law.  She offered to help us out during this period but I told her we should be fine. As the earlier blood draw for blood test was unsuccessful, the pediatrician drew the blood herself. She informed us the blood test result should be out by lunch time. Hubby left hospital to send his mother to Klang to visit her elder sister.

 Jaden's hand was put on bandage for the hospital to give him antibiotic drip.

11am - 2nd round of nebuliser to clear phlegm
There were constantly nurses coming in and out of the room to check Jaden's fever temperature, give him medicine, nebuliser, etc and hospital staff to bring in food and clean the room. I was trying to catch some sleep but it is almost impossible. The room was also very cold as the air-con was set at 20C to help to bring down Jaden's fever. Jaden and I were fighting over the iPad and I only got to use it after convinced Jaden to sleep.

At about 2pm, I asked the nurse who came in and feed Jaden medicine about the blood test result. The nurse said Jaden had viral infection and no antibiotic is required. We have to wait for doctor to inform us when can Jaden be discharged from the hospital.

Hubby came back to hospital and I left the hospital at about 4.30pm to freshen up and catch some rest at home while I would be back after dinner to take care of Jaden in the hospital, if he still needs to stay in the hospital.

Hubby called at about 5.30pm+ and told me the pediatrician advised Jaden has bacteria fever and they would give him antibiotic drip. We were confused with the different interpretation of the blood test result. The pediatrician also advised that Jaden needs to be monitored another night in the hospital as he still have fever of 38-39C.

I picked up Jared from school, came back for dinner and sent Jared to Kumon. By this time, I had not slept for almost 40 hours and I wasn't feeling good.  I went to see GP and the GP told me I had fever with bad throat infection and give me 2 days MC.

By the time I picked up Jared from Kumon and sent him home, it's almost 10pm. I was not fit to move any further. I told Hubby about it and he asked me to rest at home. The poor Hubby did not have his pajama or any fresh clothes to change.

After medicine, I went to sleep.

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