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29 December 2011

Yvonne Foong and Life with Neurofibromatosis

28 Dec 11

I read about Yvonne Foong from Facebook.

She is a girl who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 at the age of 16. Despite her condition, she is a very courageous and strong girl in the fight of her life. My tears dropped reading her blog, especially her Bio page. She has done 10 surgeries in the last 9 years!

Yvonne has written a book “I'M NOT SICK, JUST A BIT UNWELL” at the age of 18, her story growing up as a healthy child, through the development of a complicated genetic disorder. This story winning Yvonne Foong the title of Most Outstanding Youth at the 2005 Dream Malaysia Awards.
She is in urgent needs of RM100,000 for her shunt revision surgery which I've posted it on this blog earlier. If you wish to help Yvonne in this time of desperation, you may contribute directly to her Maybank Account (details found in her website) or purchase her book (in English and Chinese) and T-shirts. If you wish to visit her, help selling her things or any way you can think of, she is living in PJ Old Town and her email is

I wish and hope Yvonne successful in raising fund for her surgery in LA.

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