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17 December 2011

Laman Padi Langkawi (The Rice Museum)

24 Nov 11

One of the objectives of taking our boys to Langkawi was to get them closer to nature.

I’ve read the review on Laman Padi from Trip Advisor. It was a mix review but we’ve decided it will be good to take Jared and Jaden to see how rice was cultivated. I read about the free guided tour of the paddy fields and the guide, Rosti who was very friendly, enthusiastic and explained about the production of rice with chance to plant rice ourselves.

We reached Laman Padi at about 2.15pm, right after our lunch at Nam Restaurant. Having read Trip Advisor’s review, we knew it would be useful to have a guide. We went to the Admin Office and we were told that they were having meetings. We were disappointed that no guide was available.

We visited the museum on our own. It was a small working museum and interesting gallery which gave a great insight and detailing how rice was grown in the past and today.

This rice museum is surrounded by paddy fields, with herb garden, spa and a restaurant called Jimmy's Cafe (Padi Cuisine) with views out over the paddy fields.
Paddy fields with each patch of different heights of paddy plant.

Educational session from Hubby on rice plantation

We hope to be back to this Laman Padi, to have lunch at the café and hopefully, to have a guided tour around the Paddy field.

We had hope for a more educational visit and a bit disappointing without a guided tour which could have been more educational and interesting. But it is still a well worth visit in Langkawi.

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