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04 December 2011

Milk Teeth and Dentist

3 Dec 11

In mid this year, Jared had his first tooth extraction. His front bottom tooth has grown but the milk tooth had not dropped but loose and shaky.

I took him to dentist and had the milk tooth extracted. He didn't like the injection part.

A few months ago, there were 2 permanent teeth started growing on his front upper teeth, at the back of his milk teeth. However, his milk teeth were still there. One of it was loose and started to shake.

Last week, Hubby took him to a dentist near our house. The dentist said "its too late, new teeth came out too much, must wear braces for 5 years now, etc". Jared got frighten and Hubby got upset. Jared refused to have his teeth extracted then. The dentist recommended us to take Jared to see orthodontist. This sound so serious!

I talked to my sister, colleague and friend and asked for their advice. They advice me to take Jared to see dentist and extract out the milk teeth. Hopefully, the permanent teeth will move and adjust itself to its proper position.

I made appointment with another dentist near our house ie the same one that Jared had his first teeth extraction. At first, Jared was reluctant to go. I persuaded him and told him that it's better for him to be in pain for a few second for the injection than to wear braces for 5 years. We also promised Jared to take him to Genting Highlands for Animal Kaiser Tournament. Jared wanted to bring his Animal Kaiser cards along to give him comfort.

Before the dentist checked Jared's teeth, I briefed her and told her that Jared was very frighten. This lady dentist was good with him. She talked to him nicely and praised him for being a brave boy.

As two permanent teeth has grown, Jared needed to have 3 of his milk teeth to be extracted. The dentist advised Jared to use his tongue to push out the new permanent teeth. Hopefully, the teeth will align itself.

It was scary to him and me too but we are glad that it's done and over.

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