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04 December 2011

Car rental in Langkawi

24 Nov 11

Our trip to Langkawi was on the 1st week of year end school holiday. Langkawi would also have Lima event 2 weeks after our trip to Langkawi.

I heard car rental will be expensive during school holiday. I called up several car rental companies before our trip to Langkawi. The average car rental was RM100 for Myvi and RM120 for Vios. Some car rental owners have rented out all their cars for those delegates who arrived in Langkawi earlier for Lima preparation.

Earlier, we wanted to hire taxi at RM25 per hour with minimum 4 hours rental. However, the weather during our trip to Langkawi was not so good with heavy wind and thunderstorm. As such, our itinerary has to be flexible according to the weather in Langkawi. As such, we decided not to hire a taxi with driver.

Hubby suggested to rent a car when we reached Langkawi.

As we walked out towards luggage claim area, there were lots of car rental company available. We rented Vios at RM100 per day from FI Holidays which was cheaper than those quoted over the phone.

Hubby inspected the car and ensure the car rental staff noted down all the car scratches and accidents on the car rental form to avoid dispute when we return the car.

Initially, we had this Nissan Sentra at the same price. However, there was something wrong with the car gear and FI Holiday arranged for Vios for us.

The car came with almost empty petrol with petrol signal blinking as we started to car engine. Hubby brought his GPS along and we quickly drove to the nearby petrol station (which seemed very far when the petrol signal kept on blinking).

FI Holiday recommended us to pump RM30 petrol but we spent RM40 on petrol for the 4D3N in Langkawi as The Andaman is located secluded from Langkawi town and attraction places.

The car petrol indicator signal blinks on our way to airport to return the car to FI Holidays. Their staff were stationed at the airport departure hall and it was very convenient for us to hand over the car to them.

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