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08 February 2012

The Andaman, Langkawi

28 Nov 11

After Laman Padi, we were hoping to take cable car ride before checking in The Andaman as The Andaman is located far from the cable car place. I called the office and was told that they had just resume the operations of cable car.
Unfortunately, when we reached the cable car place, the cable car was not in operation due to strong wind. We decided to have a break and had good cup of coffee. Hubby bought few cans of beer from the duty free shop and I bought 2 shorts from the shops there.

Thereafter, we decided not to wait for the cable car but to check in to hotel.

In Langkawi, we stayed at The Andaman. We got a very good rate as my cousin is working with the Starwood Hotels Group. The family and friend rate was only RM460 nett per night for Deluxe Rainforest room, with 2 breakfast. We stayed in The Andaman for 3 nights.
Day bed in The Andaman Rainforest room
Every time I see this bed, I feel like jumping on and have a good sleep.
The bell boy (Malay guy) who greeted us upon our arrival is very helpful and friendly. He is very detailed and gave us a rundown on the hotel facilities.
Our room guests in the early morning.
As we walked to our room, he told us about the monkey in the hotel, its character, etc. He also explained to us the room amenities, how to operate the espresso machine in the room, the brochures on hotel activities, mini bar, etc. I’ve never seen such a knowledgeable and passionate bell boy before.
Espresso machine in The Andaman's room.
The great thing in our room is the Nespresso machine. Being coffee lovers, my husband and I enjoy the coffee very much. Even now that we are back home, Hubby still mention that he missed the coffee in our Andaman hotel room.
Hubby relaxing at hotel balcony while checking on things to do in Langkawi via Trip Advisor.
The entire hotel is with wifi and it was so convenient for us to use our Ipad and browse thru Trip Advisor for things to do in Langkawi. We love the 24 hours Business centre with complimentary usage of computer, printer and coffee facilities which were very useful and convenience for us, while our kids were at Kids Club.

Jared learning Cak Lem Pong at hotel lobby.
We were very happy to know about Andaman’s Young Explorer Club from the sales personnel that arranged our hotel reservation. We were excited about the activities planned out by the hotel. We told our sons about it and reserved our 2nd day in Langkawi to stay in The Andaman the whole day for my sons to participate and enjoy the activities.This Young Explorer Club is an excellent idea with good activities planned out. However, Andaman need to promote the Young Explorer to the guests as its under publicised and under executed ie briefed guests upon check-in the hotel.

Andaman's Young Explorer activity ... Sponge Relay Game.

Jared built this sand man with his partner
There were only 6 kids in the morning session (water sponge relay game, build sand man) and only 1 kid in the afternoon session (water sport kayak) resulting in planned activities cannot be carried out effectively.

Another Young Explorer activity ... water sport kayak.
Jaden did not like bare feet on beach sand feeling
Hubby & I tried to convince Jaden to relax and enjoy the beach.

Lunch at beach terrace
The food in The Andaman was great. My family enjoyed our meals, especially the fisherman pizzas from the Beach bar. We enjoyed the setting at the Beach Bar and BBQ terrace, it’s very relaxing and cozy. The new turquoise/blue t-shirt with white pants uniform is very nice.

The coconut ice-cream from The Japanese Restaurant were excellent. The staff at The Japanese Restaurant gave my 2 boys handmade Kris from coconut leaves.

If travel with kids, I would recommend to sign up for SPG member and purchase its SPG card at RM40 per day for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
Gelugor gliding from one roof to the other.
We highly recommend to join the complimentary Evening guided nature walk. The lady naturalist, Wendy was very knowledge and passionate about her work. It was an informative session for us and our boys too. Mineral water was provided for nature walk ... a nice little thought.
At the swimming pool, the recreation staff walked around and provide cold towels and drinking water to us. There’s plenty of mineral water in the pool area, complimentary to hotel guests. Another nice little thought.

This slide is the attraction for kids at the pool
The Andaman has a timetable of when the beach will be at low tide and coral reef activities. On our last day at The Andaman, Jared participated in the coral clearing.

With the low tide, the beach looked so dirty with lots and lots of dead coral.

The coral clearing was conducted so well with good nature Coral conservative activity which is very commendable to The Andaman. They provided shoes, gloves, badge, certificate and light food refreshment ... which were very well thought off.

The gentleman who conducted the session was very good. He complimented and motivated Jared in the coral clearing activity. He is very knowledgeable too.

 The clean beach after the coral clearing activity.

Badge and Young Conservationist Certificate
Jared enjoyed it very much. Initially, he didn’t want to wake up for it but he was so glad that he joined the session. He told us that he has saved the earth and wanted to wear the "One polyp at a time" badge every day. Thanks to the gentlemen who gave him so much encouragement. Jared told me that he received email and photos from the Guest Relations, Mr. Raman Selvam.

Upon return, we have received several emails asking us to provide feedback and review of our stay at The Andaman which demonstrates the hotel value its guests feedback and consistently seeking to improve its service.

Overall, the service level in The Andaman is very high. There are several nice touches here and there from the hotel which were very well thought off. All these small thoughts and gesture make our stay in the resort very enjoyable, cozy and comfortable.

The Andaman is located at The Datai and far from town and attraction places. I would recommend to rent a car and bring GPS. I would also like to suggest to ask for room that has been refurbished and nearer to lobby if travel with kids.


Kiasu Mom said...

Looks really nice. I think I will pay a visit when my boy is slightly older or at least when he can walk properly :)

treasure memories said...

Yes, Andaman is awesome. We hope to be back!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I am too interested to bring my family to andaman. May i ask what is the food menu price like? Mind sharing?

treasure memories said...


If you are traveling with kids, I would recommend that you sign up for SPG member and purchase the SPG card that only cost RM40 a day for bf, lunch and dinner for kid.

The price is expected of hotel rate but the food quality is good especially with the nice setting at Beach Bar and BBQ Terrace.

Probably have some of the meals there.