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03 December 2011

Jaden and his most expensive pair of shoes

23 Sep 11

This is a long, long overdue post. It is an important one and I must not omit this from my "treasure memories".
During the period that we had been in and out of Family Podiatry Centre, there are several information that have been shared by other parents visiting the same centre.
  1. Do not let kids sleep face down or up as feet will become very flexible, but to sleep on their side
  2. No walker recommended for toddler
  3. Toddler shouldn't sit on floor with bend legs as their bones are still very soft. Recommended to sit on little chair.
  4. Pay attention if kids complained tired easily after walk for a short time ie during shopping, jogging, etc
  5. Also pay attention to kids slipper ie one side worn out
We finally had custom molded orthotics made for Jaden with his name on it. We went to Family Podiatry Centre in TTDI to have this done for Jaden.

On the podiatrist recommendation, Hubby and I had been hunting for suitable shoes for Jaden. We need to look for shoes that have :
  1. good arch
  2. firm heel
  3. shoes sole that are wider than heel
  4. shoes string or at least 3 velcro straps 
We bought this pair of Adidas shoes from Parkson at RM120 for Jaden to wear it with the custom made mold insert inside our house ie indoor.

This pair of shoes is for Jaden's outdoor wear and it has 3 velcro straps. We also bought it at Parkson at RM150.

The black shoes is not suitable for running in the park and jogging. We bought his pair of running shoes from Adidas outlet at clearance price of only RM79.60

We have looked around at my different brands of shoes. Adidas has good shoes with good feet support and we like that their shoes insert can be removed and replace it with Jaden's custom made mold insert.

These are Jaden's most expensive pairs of shoes. We have spent to date RM1,545 on Jaden's feet and shoes. 
  1. Podiatrist consultations fee  - RM190
  2. Biomechanical examination  - RM305
  3. Feet x-ray                           - RM55 
  4. Casting fee                          - RM95
  5. Custom molded orthotics     - RM550
  6. 3 pair of shoes                    - RM350
There will be follow up biomechanical examination on Jaden's feet. Unfortunately, medical insurance has exclusion on this type of alternative therapy and our medical insurance does not cover these costs.

We feel good that we have this solution for Jaden. We hope he can run like other kids and will not fall so easily.


Kiasu Mom said...

The price to pay for being a parent.. Sigh. My son still sits in the walker at the nanny's. Told her many times not to put him in there but he is always in there whenever I see him. Double sigh.

treasure memories said...

My mom used to put Jared on walker too. We just need to explain to them the reason behind it.

leez said...

Hi, I just recently found out that my son has flat foot. I'm wondering, how often do u need to go back and make new insoles? Wouldn't it be very costly to change each year since their feet is still growing? My son is only 4 this year and I'm thinking of bringing him to see a podiatry too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leez,

The podiatry will advice when we need to change the insoles. As of now, we have not changed yet but it should be soon.

I'll update in this blog if this change happen and will put down the cost too.

treasure memories said...

Hi Leez,

The changing of sole depends on the speed of growth of kids. Jaden is still wearing shoes with the custom made insole. This is his 3rd pair.
Yes, the shoes insoles are costly but it's more heartache to see our kids fall every time that they run.

Anonymous said...

We went to Schein footwear...a german company that specialises in orthotic footwear. my son is still wearing those custom made, carbon fiber long lasting orthotics and his feet are no longer flat - cost RM500. We bought adidas shoes too, they were the most suitable.