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03 December 2011

Jaden 1st ride on a plane

24 Nov 11

Jared has his first ride on a plane when he was 2+ years old. We took him to Hong Kong for holiday. He had his 2nd plane ride to Singapore and Shanghai and celebrated his 4 years old birthday in Shanghai.

Jaden hadn't had any aeroplane ride at 4+ years old. Auntie YC recommended us to take him for holiday and offered us her Enrich miles points.

It's not easy to pack for family holidays especially we were taking a flight and not driving. I started packing for our Langkawi trip a few days ahead, started with toileteries and swimming gears for the family. The following day, I packed clothing and on the night before the final, balance of things to pack.
Our flight to Langkawi was at 11am. Taxi came to pick us up at 8.30am to KLIA. Since it was a domestic flight, we did not have the chance to bring Jaden for aerotrain ride.

Jared and Jaden watching Sky Chefs unloading food to the plane.
Playing Ipad while waiting for our flight boarding. This is the first time we have Ipad with us on holiday and it's so useful and convenient for us to browse through internet on Langkawi.

Jaden was so excited to get on the plane.

Jared helping Jaden to fasten the seat belt.

Jaden looked out the window and complained that the plane moved so slow when it was taxing on the runway.
More Ipad games.

It was only one hour flight and we landed in Langkawi airport at 12pm.

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